At Pappagallo’s Satellite Beach 321-773-7272 we have a few questions we’d like you to ask yourself the next time you think about spending your hard earned money and what is supposed to be a fresh prepared pizza.

Ever walk into a national pizza chain and hear their dough machine running making fresh dough that will be cut, hand rolled and prepared in the same store?

Ever see crates of fresh produce including bell peppers, Spanish onions, whole mushrooms, crates of fresh picked tomatoes that came straight from the vegetable markets, being delivered to the “big chain” pizza place? Maybe you were in the right place at the right time and you saw the cases of California tomatoes being carried in for their specially blended pizza sauce. Perhaps the smell of sautéed fresh garlic in olive oil caught your senses. Ask them about their cheese. Ask them what’s in it exactly besides whole milk mozzarella cheese. You may hear things like “blended” with anti-caking agents and vegetable oils, probably you’ll just get an “I’m not sure.”

Ask them how often they have to grind the cheese for their pies, that bewildered look you most likely get is because they get everything precut and processed from a central commissary Pappagallo’s Satellite Beach 321-773-7272 understands that when you have hundreds of stores you might need big industrial kitchens but see, we’re the little guy, let me tell you a few differences about being the little guy.

Pappagallo’s Satellite Beach is proud to be your neighborhood pizza shop! We take great pride in fresh made dough, highest quality whole milk mozzarella made in Wisconsin; no fillers, no additives, and no space at polymers. Our veggies are hand cut in store; they are delivered from a local produce company daily. Satellite Beach ’s Pappagallo’s fresh made dough is made several times daily mostly due to the fact that our old world recipe doesn’t include an compounds or chemicals that our customers can’t pronounce. Pappagallo’s Satellite Beach 321-773-7272 believes that if you can’t pronounce an ingredient you probably shouldn’t feed it to your family. Let me let you in on our ultra-secret never before shared dough recipe that has kept us in business since 1990, ready….

Flour, yeast, salt, sugar, olive oil and water. By reading this blog you have learned the secret of our biggest selling product, Pappagallo’s Satellite Beach believes in keeping it simple, dough has been around in this simple form for hundreds of years. It works! It tastes amazing so why try to change it?

If we have the pleasure of your company and you choose to dine in with us

If we have the pleasure of your company and you choose to dine in with us I’ll bet the first thing you notice is the “pizza guy” is hand tossing the dough for all our pies, calzones, and Stromboli’s as they are ordered. We’ll admit it does take a little longer this way but Pappagallo’s Satellite Beach 321-773-7272 truly believes it’s worth the wait. Upon entering Pappagallo’s Satellite Beach and immediately notice that we have an outside patio that overlooks the ocean. You may choose to enjoy your meal outside on our covered patio. Just take a minute to enjoy your made to order meal and look out over the ocean and watch the pelicans fly by. I’m pretty sure that pelicans aren’t authentically Italian but we have to admit it adds to the Florida pizza experience.

One other distinction we’ve noticed as we’ve traveled to other cities and tried the local pizza shops is that very few offers a made to order calzone or Stromboli. Usually you get what they have pre-made and if you don’t like a particular item, well you’re just out of luck. Our Calzones and Stromboli’s are always made to order. When you look over our menu you may notice some of our popular combinations have actually earned a name a few of the more popular combo include:

  • -Godfather which includes Italian sausage bell peppers onions and mozzarella
  • – Rocky (c’mon our founder is a full blooded Italian man who grew up in the 80s, of course he loves rocky) contains thin sliced sirloin steak grilled mushroom and onions filled with American and mozzarella cheeses
  • – Tree hugger which includes breaded eggplant, spinach, fresh tomatoes and mozzarella

These are a few of our most popular combinations and any one of these can have your choice of fresh items added or taken away. The biggest difference between a “boli” and a “zone” is shape; Stromboli is rectangular while calzone is half-moon shaped. A calzone is also graced with the addition of our house blended whole milk ricotta, Romano cheese and spices. Pappagallo’s pizza in Satellite Beach 321-773-7272 started as a small shop that only offered pizza and calzone with a few subs. Over the years we grown in size of dining room as well as menu items. Our entire menu is available for takeout delivery and catering. Pappagallo’s Satellite Beach began in 1990 and still runs today the same way it did then only on a slightly bigger scale. We have been honored with guests that have come here since we started, because of that our recipes never change. We truly believe that if you came here in 1990 and ordered an Italian sub, you will be find that it is made with the highest quality ingredients that you fell in love with in 1990. Just as Bruce and Mo our 1st mail carriers who still come in today. Pappagallo’s Satellite Beach promises our guests never to make a change in our quality standards for any other reason but to upgrade the quality. See we’re old school and proud of it, don’t mistake old school for hard headed we aren’t stuck in the last century. Our founder Dave is always looking to better your experience and provide you with a better product. Most recently he was offered an upgrade for our provolone cheese that is used on our subs, the staff gathered over a few subs made with this new provolone, the product performed better when toasted and just all around provided a better flavor than what we we’re using.

Pappagallo’s Satellite Beach had been using the same high quality provolone for years. But our supplier offered a better alternative, it was taste tested by the staff and a few loyal sub lovers whose opinion we value. The change was immediate and without any other fanfare or publicity. The majority of our guests noticed the change and response was overwhelming positive. I guess the point of this little story was to give you a insight into how we operate. New staff members are always told by Dave, if you have a better way let’s hear it, we’ll test it as a team and if we decide (Dave reserves the right to say no but never without explanation) that whatever product our process is better than that item or process is changed across the board. Footnote to the story of quality just reviewed is that the improved provolone we switched to was more expensive than what we had used for years, the menu price of every item that included provolone remained unchanged.

Pappagallo’s Satellite Beach 321-772-7272 truly believes that a better product is worth it. Our founder Dave is still in store daily and still spins a few pies and grills a few subs. Dave says (Dave is me by the way, I just love referring to myself in third person) that I have to hand you your order across the counter or serve to your table and I’m not going to ever serve anyone something I wouldn’t serve my own family. It doesn’t matter if you’ve come in since 1990 or you’re visiting us on vacation and wanted to try a local place, that promise holds true. The entire staff is always instructed that if it isn’t right don’t serve it, that’s not to say we don’t make mistakes. We’re human we do, but we’ll correct it on the spot or you’re next order is on us. Maybe someday you may join our staff. Rest assured one of the first things you’ll hear from Dave is, ”I expect you to make mistakes and we will do everything to make it right with our guest, you won’t be yelled at or penalized in any way and never financially responsible for an honest human error. What Dave (me again) will not accept is short cuts or “putting it out anyway.”

This is the way we have done business for 28 years now and it’s never changing.