Why is Pappagallo’s the best pizza in satellite Beach Florida and surrounding areas? Pappagallo’s has lots to offer for everyone of all ages, they are a family-friendly pizza shop, a full-service bar, and a great tourist spot. Pappagallo’s also has a lot more to offer than just pizza, they offer special Italian food and classic American food all made fresh.

Although Pappagallo’s is famous for the Best Pizza In Satellite Beach Florida they offer a lot more than that. Pappagallo’s has something to offer for everyone of all ages whether you’re looking for fresh pizza, a freshly made Italian dish or even American food like hamburgers and chicken. Everything from Pappagallo’s is made fresh and homemade. Pappagallo’s has many reviews and testimonies from customers, some locals and some tourists describing how good the food is. Being in business since the mid-1990’s Dave has perfected his recipes over the decades, bringing people back time and time again.

Pappagallo’s has a full-service bar for people 21 or older. Anyone who is 21 or older can enjoy the feel of being at a bar while receiving the delicious food a pizza shop has to offer. Pappagallo’s has daily drink specials and a happy hour every Monday – Thursday from 4 PM – 7 PM. Not only do you get to enjoy a full-service bar you get a perfect beach view of the ocean while you indulge in your freshly baked homemade pizza. Pappagallo’s offers beer on tap, bottled beers, a full wine list and frozen drinks of every kind along with a full list of liquors and everything in between.

Being located right on the beach in front of the ocean makes for a perfect tourist spot making it easy for visitors to grab a bite to eat after a long day playing on the beach. Pappagallo’s location also draws in a lot of attention because it allows the guest to sit and watch the beach and ocean while being taken care of inside a restaurant. Not only does Pappagallo’s make all their food fresh and homemade, but they also make their own made from the scratch marinara sauce which has been a huge hit over the years making customers want to come back for more. Pappagallo’s creates a fun family-friendly atmosphere which allows all guest to receive and enjoy the full Pappagallo’s experience with its unique design and decor which looks like America and Italy collided and landed in Florida.

It’s no secret as to why Pappagallo’s is the best pizza in Satellite Beach Florida, and customers continue to return. For any question about why they’re the best give them a call today 321-773-7272. You can also visit their website to see their daily drink specials, a full menu, and testimonials from previous customers explaining why we’re the best pizza in the area, visit them at pappagallos.com.

Best Pizza In Satellite Beach Florida | What Makes Pappagallo’s Unique?

Pappagallo’s isn’t unique because it’s the best pizza in Satellite Beach Florida but for many other reasons such as the exciting atmosphere and culture, unique hand made fresh food and the great views from the beach along with a one of a kind pizza shop experience.

Pappagallo’s was started by Dave Rich in the early 1990s after working in a family-owned restaurant. When Dave first opened the shop in Indian Harbour Beach it soon after burned down and he was forced to move locations. Since opening back up Pappagalo has grown to be one of the highest-rated pizza shops in the Satellite Beach Florida area. Daves restaurant is unique because it combines American food and Italian food with a Florida twist. Pappagalo’s offers more than just pizza, they also make they’re own made from scratch marinara sauce along with many other homemade meals on their menu. Not only are they a pizza shop but they are one of the few pizza shops in Florida that have a full-service bar inside, with a happy hour every Monday – Thursday from 4 PM – 7 PM and daily drink specials all while enjoying a beachside ocean view.

What sets Pappagallo apart from everyone else and makes them so unique its not the views or the location but the atmosphere and culture. When you walk inside the pizza shop you feel like American and Italian decor collided. The restaurant is a perfect blend of Italian and American giving tourists and guests a unique and original experience. Pappagallo’s sets themselves apart from the competition due to the amount of hard work and dedication they put into their food. Everything on the menu is made fresh from when you order it along with many made from scratch items. You can walk inside Pappagallo’s in a bad mood and you’re guaranteed to walk out with a smile on your face. They’ve perfected the art of making delicious food and serving the people of Satellite Beach Florida with the best pizza around and great views of the ocean.

Pappagallo’s has very fair pricing and portions big enough to feed the entire family. When you order at Pappagallo’s you can bet you’ll get way more than what you paid for. Why would you settle for plain everyday drive-thru food when you can stop in or order delivery from Pappagallo’s and get your money worth out of it. It’s not just all about the food but the service, you won’t receive better service at a better price anywhere else other than right here at Pappagallo’s, that’s what makes them the Best Pizza In Satellite Beach Florida.

To see what kind of amazing food you can have or to have a glimpse at the amazing time you’ll have at Pappagallo’s visit to the website today pappagallos.com! For any specific questions or to have a pizza delivered to you call the number now!
321-773-7272 try our delicious pizza and you too will see why we have the Best Pizza In Satellite Beach Florida offers!