Is your timely rumbling for something yummy? Do your taste buds crave melted cheese and tomato sauce? Are you looking for a good place for a date night? Or do you just need a night away from the house? Are you desperate to find the Best Pizza Places in Satellite Beach? Well, look no further! You’ve found the absolute best of the best!

Pappagallo’s is consistently found on the list of the Best Pizza Places in Satellite Beach. It serves the most delicious pizza, strombolis, calzones, and more! All of it is handmade and prepared right in front of you–as long as you order in the store. Of course, ordering out from them is a treat as well, especially if you’re looking to cater. They will pile up your order in their “Pie Wagon” and head on over to your location, the parrot in the gondola vest smiling proudly as it drives by. And don’t worry: you can ask for your catering order to be delivered at any time, whenever it is most convenient for you. Just look for that happy bird!

Of course, excellent catering is not the only publication to make a restaurant one of the Best Pizza Places in Satellite Beach. The atmosphere of the restaurant itself needs to be stellar, and that is something that is guaranteed at Pappagallo’s. As you sit contentedly, eating your delicious meal, will have a gorgeous view of the sun coming down over the Atlantic ocean. The pizza that is already delicious will taste 100 times better as you smell the salty air wafting in from over the ocean and hear the waves lapping at the beach. You might even want to come in right after you finished a swim. After all, nothing tastes better after a swim than pizza!

Additionally, you can rest assured that you will always receive quality care as a customer when you go to Pappagallo’s the staff cares about making sure that you feel comfortable, greeting you with smiles and asking you how your day has been. It is a family-owned restaurant, so the people who are serving you are genuinely happy to be there. It is one of their main tenets to provide excellent service with a happy heart that is as warm as their pizza. And because the restaurant is family-owned, it is an affordable place to eat.

Ready to order your delicious pizza? You can come into the restaurant location at 1769 Florida A1A, where, again, you can get a delightful view of the ocean. You can also order ahead, either online at or over the phone by calling 321-773-7272. Come in and see why Pappagallo’s is considered one of the best places to eat in Satellite Beach! don’t settle for a place that is that you can find just anywhere in the country. Go somewhere that is locally owned and operated. Go to Pappagallo’s and enjoy the best pizza that there is!

Best Pizza Places In Satellite Beach | Cheese Me, Friend!

In 1981, Dave Rich decided he wanted to be your responsibility and that making one of the Best Pizza Places in Satellite Beach. He had to put in a lot of hard work, determination, and willpower. He needed the help of his family and a spark of creativity. Sadly, his first location burned down in 1990, but, like a Phoenix, Rich was determined to keep going and rise from the ashes. He moved his business and started again.
Now, almost 40 years after the restaurant’s inception, Pappagallo’s has indeed become one of the Best Pizza Places in Satellite Beach. Happy customers come from all over the city to get a taste of the wonderful food while sitting at an overlook of the Atlantic Ocean the gorgeous view of the sun setting, the smell of the salt washing over their nostrils, and the sound of the sea lapping at the shore are all enough to make the customers feel at home. Not to mention that the pizza itself is fantastic. With delectable melted cheese and hot tomato sauce, who could resist the pizza of Pappagallo’s?

As one of the Best Pizza Places in Satellite Beach, Pappagallo’s remains affordable while maintaining superb quality. The standards are high, but the price is not! Thus, everyone gets a chance to get a taste of that glorious pizza! Of course, if you want to change it up, you can always order a Stromboli or a calzone. And the drink list is extensive. With winds, beers, liqueurs, and more, there is sure to be a type of drink for everyone–except for the minors, of course! But even in your youngsters will find the choices at Pappagallo’s to be delectable, the best pizza they’ve ever had.

Need catering? Hosting a wedding reception, family reunion, an office party, a birthday bash, or just a random get-together? Fear to know more about where the food is good to come from! Pappagallo’s caters according to your schedule with portions large enough to feed everyone. Just look for the reliable “Pie Wagon” with the parrot in the gondola shirt. And don’t worry; the employees are super sweet and friendly; you always be treated well. After all, their code involves making sure that every gasket to smile and gets treated like family. He will always be satisfied with the service that you receive from Pappagallo’s.

Ready to order? A look at the menu? I have no fear! the menu will surely have something that you are interested in. But if not, they also make the order. Just take a look at the website,; give a call to 321-773-7272; visit the Facebook page, Pappagallos Beachside; or just come on into the location itself at 1769 Florida A1A! whatever works best for you will work best for them. Enjoy that glorious pizza from the comfort of your home or on the seaside with that relaxing view over the Atlantic Ocean. Come experience the team whose hearts are as warm as their pizza!