If you’re looking for something to describe the word delicious than Papa Gallows, Best Pizza Places In Satellite Beach is the place to be. here at Papa Gallo’s we are the most honest when it comes to Italian pizza and you can ask about the monster Gallows Pizza challenge. here at Papa Gallo’s we want to legalize marinara and deliver and cater and we also have a full Liquor Bar for you to check out cuz we have the best food and the best prices available here in the state of florida. so visit our website today and we can help get you started with knowing what delicious is.

As of March 1st we here at Papa Gallo’s, the Best Pizza Places In Satellite Beach have opened at 2:00 p.m. on Saturdays and Sundays and we have live music with their permitting. so please join us at morning glory for brunch with expanded outside seating. we are the best pizza in Florida so if you’re looking for the best and homemade Italian American food with a Florida flare to it then you have come to the right place here at Papa Gallo’s where we can give you excellent food with excellent service for your pizza needs.

so you can order online and get your order pizza as soon as you get here or take a look at our menu on our website or you can also order here at our restaurant and take you look at our beautiful Ocean View Bar and you can also get a free brownie on our free brownie Fridays. PappaGallos, Best Pizza Places In Satellite Beach try to cater to the modern family and not only ones quality but also is made to order in the dining experience and not just a quick Stamped Out drive-thru meal. we are 100% committed to over delivering customer service and serving the most delicious food available.

not only do we serve food but we also grow Relationships by donating to local schools and area use sports teams. we provide our family recipes from our table to yours. we show our customers their hand tossed Pizza as entertainment which is a little different from other Pizza styles and we backing our Maid to Order style. all of our bread and dough is made daily in-house. we feel that the difference between us and other competitors is to be able to customize any mail according to our guest request.

there are so many reasons why you should choose Papa Carlos not just the we serve the best pizza in Florida but we also served quality made to order dining experience which we feel is the Ultimate Experience you can have while dining at our restaurant. we also provide big portions for low price yes you heard that huge big portions for a low price. we also try to connect with our customers so that they have the best experience possible that our restaurant overlooking an Ocean View Bar so please visit us today at Papa gallows.com or you can simply just give us a call at 321-773-7272.

Best Pizza Places In Satellite Beach | The Monster Challenge

Have you ever asked yourself how do I obtain free food at the Best Pizza Places In Satellite Beach. well all you have to do is eat a 16 inch by 20-in monster gallo pizza and you get it free and you will have your photo taken to be forever celebrated inside the walls of Pappagallos. so visit us today so you can get your free pizza now.

Are you wondering how we can be the Best Pizza Places In Satellite Beach well just take a look at our menu and you will see why and how we became the most popular pizza place in the state of florida. we can provide an array of appetizers as a cheesy bread, chicken tenders with fries homemade fried cheese, homemade Florentine fried cheese, homemade habanera fried cheese, basket of fries bacon cheese fries, calamari, Buffalo calamary, muscles, popcorn shrimp, coconut shrimp, buffalo chicken dip, buffalo chicken mac and cheese, and mac and cheese.

You can also choose from some of our soups and salads which is also one of the reasons why we are chose to be the Best Pizza Places In Satellite Beach. choose from our soup does your bowl toss salad, or caprice, Chef salad, antipasto salad, southwestern chicken salad, Papa’s crusted ahi tuna salad, tuna salad, Caesar salad. these are very delicious salads that can help you not only come if you’re on a diet to the pizza with other people but you can also get a tasty tasty salad that you won’t regret buying here at Papa gallo’s.

the only do we provide pizzas or offer pizzas for you but we also have hot Subs that are so delicious Subs that are made we have a steak and cheese pizza that is made with mushrooms, onions, melted provolone cheese that’ll melt in your mouth as soon as you put it in there because we have the best sandwiches available. the sandwiches are made with not only by the cooks with experience but with love and care so that you as a client can enjoy your eating experience here at Papa Gallo’s and not only be our first customer but be a returning customer for me anymore years to come.

you can also choose from maybe a Papa Gallo’s grill or strombolis and calzones that we also offer but we also offer specialty combinations and or you can choose from our Papa’s dinners which is chicken plus the Gallo tortellini alapana chicken ala vodka chicken and many others that you can choose from for my meaning we have a huge manual but all sorts of likes if you just like pizzas to special dinners to hot Subs to salads we have it for you here at Papa Gallo so please visit us today at papaganos.com or simply just give us a call at 321-773-7272.