If you find yourself looking to find the best pizza in satellite Beach Florida then you are left with one option. Whenever you visit papa Gallos, you immediately notice a difference and you’ll see why we are among the highest rated and most reviewed pizza places in the area. In addition to having great pizza, we also have a number of different other options. That means whenever you visit with friends here that don’t share the same enthusiasm for pizza as you, there will still be great options for them as well. We have a robust appetizer menu and we also have soups and salads that they enjoy.

If you are searching and looking to find the best pizza in satellite Beach Florida then you are left with PapaGallos. That is because we are among the highest rated and most reviewed pizza places and we have great hours availability. We are open from 11 AM to 10 PM most weekends and 11 AM to 9:30 PM Sunday through Thursday. So there is never a day that Papa Gallo’s is not an option for you. If you have been here, and you have not tried every single appetizer, you must continue to visit until you’ve tried every single appetizer. One of the appetizers you may have missed out on is calamari. We serve this with homemade marinara sauce, and you will absolutely love this calamari. We also have a buffalo calamari so you can add a little more spice to the typical calamari flavor.

If you are looking to find the best pizza in satellite Beach Florida that there ever was then Papa Gallo’s is the best choice for you. After you try the calamari, then you have to come back and try our 1 pound muscles that we have available for it. Do you have your choice of muscles whenever you visit papa gals, you can get them in red, which is a spicy sauce or white, which is a garlic, wine and basil sauce. Either option is good, so it may take two trips to try both of them. You could never be sure that you tried everything at Papa gals, so you should keep visiting us every single weekend.

After you’ve tried the muscles and you still have a craving for seafood, we still have more options available for you. We have a popcorn, shrimp option, which is served with the basket of fries, and we also have a coconut shrimp option. The coconut shrimp is very similar to popcorn, except it’s coded in a coconut breading, and ultimately is served with a side of mango chutney, which is slightly different from our typical offering of homemade marinara sauce. This chutney pairs well with the coconut shrimp, and we had a recommendation.

Visit www.papagallos.com to call 321-773-7272 today. Whenever you do that you will speak to a friendly wait staff that I can help you with your order. If you are looking to Dinan, we can’t wait to see you.

Find the best pizza in satellite Beach Florida | we got hotdogs as well.

If you continue trying to find the best pizza in satellite Beach Florida then congratulations, your search is over. If you sign Papa gals you found among the highest rated and most reviewed pizza places in the area. Not only do we have a great down and option, but we also deliver, and we even catered. So if you were trying to bring the joy, that is papa Gallos pizza to a large group, be sure to call us and give us a quote for what catering would ultimately look like. We know that you’ll be impressed by what we have the offer, and we can talk to the logistics whenever you give us a call.

If you want to find the best pizza in satellite Beach Florida than Papa Gallo’s is, and always will be the best choice for you. We offer some incredible options. So in addition to getting great pizza, you also have great variety whenever you visit papa Gallos. As proof of this, you could see our appetizers. We have over 12 different appetizer options of the shirt to work with any appetite that visits us. One of the options that you might come across as a buffalo chicken dip. Whenever we make our buffalo chicken dip, we use all white meat chicken that has been blended with a buffalo sauce and cream cheese. We will serve with veggies and toasted bread, so if you’re looking to cut carbs stick with the veggies, but if you’re looking to get the ultimate flavor, choose toasted bread.

If you were looking to find the best pizza in satellite Beach Florida then PapaGallos is the choice for you. After you’ve tried the buffalo chicken dip, be sure to keep the buffalo chicken flavor going with our buffalo chicken mac & cheese. This is a homemade three cheese sauce with bacon and buffalo chicken that is all served over some incredible bowtie pasta. If you are looking to avoid the heat, you can get our traditional mac & cheese that is just as good. We also service over bowtie pasta as well.

Have you tried all the appetizers you can move on the soups and salads. We have some amazing Susan’s houses, because we know we are Pizza Place, we do offer some healthy food. We have the soup, du jour, also referred to as the soup of the day. Ask your weight staff with the soup of the day and we can enlighten you. After you try the soup of the day we also have your typical tossed salad, which is iceberg lettuce, red onion, carrots, black olives, and tomatoes with your choice of salad dressing. We have different flavors of salad dressing and you will love all of them. This probably means you need to visit eight times to try all different dressings.

Visit www.papagallos.com and call 321-773-7272 today. What do you look for in the dining, delivery, or even catering party? We would be happy to talk to you. Make papa Gallos your next destination for your incredible dinner or dining experience.