If you want to find the best pizza near me that option is going to be Papa Gallo’s. That is because we are the Premier choice for all of your pizza needs and more in the satellite Beach Florida area. We say more because we offer more than just pizza. So if you’re trying to host a party, and you have some picky eaters there, Russel shared that PapaGallos has what it takes to keep them satiated. They are gonna love the other options that we have in addition to the pizza that we have as well.

If you wanna find the best pizza near me then you need to check out papa Gallo check out papa Gallos you’ll notice that we have more than just pizza. Part of our menu includes the soups and salads. We are free for Gary Klutt, covered or soup of the day, but we also have so many more options. Our initial toss salad, the most basic salad available, is iceberg lettuce. It also includes red onion, carrots, black olives, and tomatoes. You can choose your own dressings, we have many different dressings available and you’ll find one that you absolutely love, so be sure to pair your favorite dressing with that tossed salad.

If you wanna find the best pizza near me looking for the papa, Gallos. If you’re in the mood for something other than pizza, we have it, view our soup and salad, section or menu, and you’ll find something you can fall in love with. We have our classic Italian caprese That is absolutely incredible. This includes fresh mozzarella, along with sliced tomatoes that have been drizzled by balsamic glaze and finished with fresh basil. At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter what you get, every single recipe at PapaGallos is top notch.

Have you tried that capris offering, we recommend you try chef salad, this is your typical iceberg lettuce put includes ham and turkey, along with some provolone cheese. After that we sprinkle on some red onions, carrots, black olives, and tomatoes along with your choice of addressing. We have over eight options of salad dressings comedy, show your shirt and find something you enjoy. Whenever you choose papa Gallos for your dining experience, you will always have a multitude of options to select from.

Visit www.papagallos.com or call 321-773-7272 today to see what options we have available for you. What are you looking for delivery, carry out or dine in experience? We can take care of you. We have a full liquor bar which people love, and we also have catering options. So if you’re looking to host a larger scale party then ask our hostess about our catering options. Again, we have a diverse menu that is going to be able to accommodate a number of different diets, so you will find something that works for the group. Whatever your event, choose papa, Gallos to host.

Find the best pizza near me | experience, the Italian nightmare.

If you wanna find the best pizza near me than papa, Gallos is the choice for you. After you’ve seen all the soup and salad options, then look again, because we have so many more. We have an antipasto option, which includes ham, Genoa salami, along with some capicola and more. It always includes iceberg lettuce, and sprinkled on with some provolone cheese. It gets better from there, we also include onions, black, olives, carrots, tomatoes, and banana peppers. As is the case with all of our salad, you can also choose one of those eight amazing dressings to go with it.

If you wanna find the best pizza near me then Papa John’s is the only choice for you. If you try an antipasto salad, we also have a southwestern chicken salad. The first thing you’ll notice about our southwestern chicken salad is that it comes in two different sizes, so you can choose a small or large size portion for your southwestern chicken. If you wanna incorporate some pizza, we recommend a small option. If you want a more standalone dish, then get the large southwestern chicken salad option. Either way, you’re sure to love it, we highly recommend it and you should try it on your next visit.

If you wanna find the best pizza near me than you need to choose Papa Gallo’s. There is no other alternative, because we are the best we do. Going back to that southwestern chicken salad you can select small or large, from there either size will include a mix of Romaine, iceberg and cilantro, along with his black beans and corn. From there we toss in our homemade ranch dressing with homemade tortilla crunches. If you’d like to substitute a dressing, you’re more than welcome to do so, although we highly recommend that you toss it with a homemade ranch, because that is how it was designed to be made.

Have you tried the southwestern chicken salad? You absolutely have to try Popeyes crusted Aji tuna. Of course this is Sarahi tuna. It has been encrusted with a special blended bread crumb made at PapaGallos. This is served over a bed of Romaine lettuce and it comes with a side of fresh baked croutons, along with a side of balsamic vinaigrette dressing. Of course if you wanna separate the dressing, you’re more than welcome to choose from our selection of over eight dressings. We do have a recommendation you choose a balsamic, vinaigrette dressing, however, if your taste buds disagree, we will be happy to accommodate.

Visit www.papagallos.com a call 321-773-7272 today. Whenever you do that your speaker from the customer service representative runs to assist you in whatever you need. What are you looking to place an order for? I have a dining experience, or even cater a party. We can help you with that. So just be sure to give us a call or visit us online and tell us what you were needing and we can go from there. One thing is for sure, whenever you choose us, you are gonna have an experience that you love.