Are you looking to “Find the Best Pizza Near Me”? look no further. with a name like PappaGallos , Even our name sounds like home! at this Italian Pizza restaurant close to you in Satellite Beach, And our large array of love baked Menu items and delicious mixed drinks, you’ll find something for everyone.With the company that’s even available for delivery and Catering, this is the restaurant that will bring friends and family together. If you need pizza with a view then this is for you!

Tired of asking your phone where to Find the Best Pizza Near Me? Simply look up PappaGallos! with our testimonials straight on our website, You can’t go wrong with this homegrown meal. As well as having an extensive menu, we also have homemade desserts, And even burgers and subs for those who can’t decide on one place to eat. With our Happy hour lasting from 3:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. even the adults can’t go wrong. As each menu item is a beautiful family recipe, we go from our table to yours in the best Italian way that we can, by feeding Every event and occasion that we possibly can.

Can’t leave to Find the Best Pizza Near Me? That’s okay! we can go to you. With our catering and delivery we make sure you don’t have to lift a finger. We offer complete flexibility, whether it be your drop off time, or a menu customized for your group. And don’t worry this is a One-Stop shop, we bring all of the plates, utensils and serving spoons right to you so you don’t have to worry about providing anything. Even for large groups you’ll never have to go hungry, with large portions perfect to fit groups that like to leave satisfied. If this sounds right for you, ask more about our catering service today.

Need a homey pizza place with a little bit of spice? with our monster challenge you won’t go wrong. Our monster challenge is a 16-in x 20-in monster Gallo Pizza that you get free, if you can eat it all, as well as having your photo framed to be forever celebrated inside the walls of Pappa Gallows. Other than our 12 lb monster, enjoy the various other Special events including the golf cart Christmas parade, Jeep night, and other local events throughout the year. Here at PappaGallos We know that this ocean view, Beachside experience, will bring you not just a restaurant but a home.

Not convinced yet? You can ask us more questions at 321-773-7272, or even at our website at We know those big events are coming up, and we are here to help you be that rock still here in the office when it’s your time to order lunch, or if you just want to relax Oceanside on our patio bar. So drop in or call us today at 321-773-7272 for some delicious goodness, or view us at We hope to add you to our family soon!

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It’s always hard to Find the Best Pizza Near Me. We all struggle to find a place with good deals, amazing reviews, and a menu large enough to cover all of our picky loved ones. Knowing you were struggling, we made it easier. At PappaGallos we understand the need for a homey environment, while eating home cooked food, without actually cooking at home. By offering catering and delivery, we made it to where you could even eat at home. That being said, feel free to Lounge on our patio and enjoy your beach view while sipping a cold drink from our expansive drinks menu.

Still unsure in knowing you can Find the Best Pizza Near Me? take a look at our testimonials. With our testimonials and reviews right on our website, we make it easy to trust in our home baked recipes and even find personal favorites! don’t worry, for when your little one decides they don’t like pizza today, we offer various other Menu items even for the pickiest of eaters. So you can relax knowing that we have something for everyone, even for your mother-in-law who just wants a sangria, or three, with her brunch.

Let’s say you can’t leave the house to Find the Best Pizza Near Me, don’t worry we still got you covered. With our catering and delivery services we make it easy to get meals for every occasion. With a flexible schedule that fits anything you need and even a flexible menu, you can have service customized for your specific group. with our always fresh guarantee, you’ll never go hungry as our large portion is a perfect fit for groups that like to leave satisfied. don’t worry, even if you don’t want to do dishes or you forgot a fork, we provide a One-Stop shop where we track down all of the plates, utensils, and serving spoons you need.

Not spicy enough for you? Don’t worry. With a monster challenge here, we have something for even the manliest of men. With our 12 lb Colossus of a pizza, We know that it’s hard to be hard to be up for the challenge, But if you can eat this 16 inch by 20-in “Monster Gallo” Pizza, you get it free and you will have your photo forever celebrated inside the walls of Papa Gallows. Don’t worry, for those who aren’t as food hungry we often host Local events including the golf cart Christmas parade and other very high energy fun events throughout the year perfect for your friends and family.

Ready to feel the Heat? call our number at 321-773-7272 to figure out exactly what a homey Pizzeria is about, or check out our website at For those who don’t even want to leave the house, you can find out all of our catering and delivery options at 321-773-7272 or at We look forward to having you drop into our Little Italian home. With our made to order dining experience full of quality, this family restaurant Would love to add you as one of our own.