Oh, I’m so stressed! I just need a nice calm evening. Go out to eat? But that’s so hectic! Wait. Hold on; you’re telling me that I can get amazing pizza, stellar drinks, and brownies all while soaking in a view of the gorgeous Atlantic ocean? Color me sold! I’ve been looking to Find the Best Pizza Near Me, and I have not been able to find anything better than Pappagallo’s in Satellite Beach! The pizza is amazing, and the view I get while I’m eating is spectacular. No stress here when I’m looking at the gorgeous ocean, eating delicious pizza, and hearing the waves lap against the shore. Everything is peaceful and calm here at Pappagallo’s.

How can I describe the amazingness of Pappagallo’s in just a few paragraphs? I don’t think it can be done! Not only are the employees of Pappagallo’s committed to making insanely good pizza so that it’s easy to Find the Best Pizza Near Me. They are also committed to serving the community with smiling faces and open hearts. They are committed to the friendliness and good service. These people are so committed to loving you as they serve you from recipes that are dear to their hearts. Of course, the amazing quality of their pizza, strombolis, and calzones doesn’t hurt their popularity. Don’t see something you like on the menu? The employees of Pappagallo’s make pizzas to order!

Want to bring Pappagallo’s to an event you’re hosting? Of course, you do! I know I do! And there’s great news: Pappagallo’s indeed caters! The full menu is available at any time you need it. They will bring large portions, delivered straight to you in their beloved “Pie Wagon.” You’ll feel your mouth watering as you see it rolling down the street towards you. Just look for the parrot in the striped gondola shirt on the side of the van! That will certainly help to Find the Best Pizza Near Me! The superb catering allows you to see why Pappagallo’s is one of the best Pizza Places Near Me at a wedding, an office party, or a simple family reunion!

Need a drink with your dinner? And I mean a drink-drink, not a soda. You got it! With a variety of beers, wines, cures, and other tricks, Pappagallo’s is sure to have a beverage to fit your tastes. Don’t we all know that certain drinks are just perfect for pizza?

Order yourself a delicious meal of Italian-American food from a family-owned restaurant that has been going strong for nearly 40 years! Visit their location at 1769 Florida A1A and eat with that gorgeous view, or order online@pappagallos.com. Call ahead at 321-773-7272 to satisfy your need for cheese today! Have any questions? Want to leave a nice review? Want to learn more about the restaurant that has left the city crazier for more? Make sure to visit and like Pappagallo’s Facebook page: Pappagallos Beachside. Come experience the pizza that has been given 4.5-star review–at least by Facebook.

Find The Best Pizza Near Me | It’s A Pizza-emergency! Cheese Me!

Oh, no! The kids are going crazy, and you haven’t had time to make dinner! What on earth shall you do? Oh, duh, that’s an easy question to answer. You’re gonna need to pull out Siri and ask her to “Find the Best Pizza Near Me.” But you don’t want just any pizza. You don’t want pizza from a big chain restaurant; you want something from a place that is personal, from people who know your name when you walk in the door, from a family of that has been going strong for nearly 40 years. And, of course, after dealing with the kids for so long, you might want to drink to take off the edge of the stress. You can get all this and more at Pappagallo’s.

With a view that overlooks the Atlantic Ocean in Satellite Beach, Florida, Pappagallo’s is a highlight on that “Find the Best Pizza Near Me” list. With delicious food and amazing views, you just can’t beat it. Strombolis, calzones, pizza, and a drink list that’ll make you crazy, I can guarantee you that you will be happy with the menu. Not to mention that they are free brownies on Fridays. Let me say that again: there are free brownies on Fridays! It is no wonder that Pappagallo’s gives incredible reviews on both its website and its Facebook page, Pappagallos Beachside. You don’t have to take their word for it though; the pizza is affordable, so you can order it for yourself whenever you want.

Of course, when you’re making that “Find the Best Pizza Near Me” search, you want to find a place run by personable staff and caring servers. Pappagallo’s is the place for that! Here, people will always greet you with a smile. They are committed to customer service and a friendly atmosphere. And the pizza that they offer is just as warm as their hearts. And you will always know when they’re coming when you see their “Pie Wagon” rumbling down the street, the parrot with the gondola shirt smiling at you from the logo.

Their caring hearts probably come from the care they’ve had a show for each other. The restaurant opens in 1981 and has been family-owned ever since. In 1990, however, the building burned down, and they were forced to find a new place. But like phoenixes, the employees of Pappagallo’s rose from the ashes and expanded their business even more! with multiple locations, Pappagallo’s is more committed than ever to serving you in the community delicious pizza with those smiles on their faces and giving you that glorious view while you’re at it.

Dive into that delicious Italian-American food now by ordering ahead online or over the phone or popping into the store. Of course, you might also want to cater. That’s great because Pappagallo’s caters all over the city and at any time! Just order online at pappagallos.com, call ahead to 321-773-7272, or come into our location at 1769 Florida A1A. We look forward to serving you with the same care and love that we have been serving customers for forty years.