Satellite Beach Pizza | where is the best pizza in town?

Are you ready to find the best Satellite Beach Pizza near you? Here at Pappagallo’s we are ready to serve you, your friends, and your family. We have been serving the satellite Beach area for the last 20 years and our reputation speaks for itself. What you will find here as incredible and remarkable compared to the other competitors that we have. You will not find from our competitors, the amount of reviews and high ratings like we got. We are actually the highest reviewed pizza restaurant in Florida, not just satellite Beach, but all of Florida. You cannot beat that. This is thanks to our amazing homemade Italian food and even homemade desserts, with a beautiful outdoor patio looking over the incredible ocean.

We have the best Satellite Beach Pizza here at Pappagallo’s, but the same time we also have the best soups and salads in town. Believe it or not, your cell be made with the freshest ingredients and with homemade salad dressings. Hard to believe right? Yes that is true we have homemade Italian dressing, homemade ranch, and even homemade honey mustard. You tell me where you can find another restaurant that serves homemade dressing like we do. Tell you right now that you are not be disappointed with our amazing salads and soups they’ll get you started right before you enjoy your delicious homemade pizza.

Wanting more than just the best Satellite Beach Pizza? Well, let me tell you what we can also do here at Pappagallo’s. We also offer the best and precious submarine sandwiches in town. Not a fan of cold submarine sandwiches? That is okay because we offer both cold and hot sandwiches. The amount of amazing and delicious dining options here at Pappagallo’s is top-of-the-line and unreal. You cannot find a better variety dining options of food then you will here at Pappagallo’s. Are you ready? Because I know we are ready to serve you the highest and fullest.

Now, the best for last. You never hear of any restaurant selling homemade pizza, homemade salad, and homemade desserts. What is better than a homemade volcano cake, cheesecake, cannoli or even our famous cookie monster to end your night on? Our team goes above and beyond to make sure that you enjoy the best overall experience from beginning to end and that is a promise. If you’re ready for the amazing volcano cake, you better come check us out now before it is too late.

Like what you hear? Come check out our website at and place your order online or you can also give us a call at 321-773-7272 if you have any specific questions about our menu, our team is ready to answer this question and help you with whatever you need that is what we do best. We hope you are ready for the best homemade Italian food experience that you have ever experienced, because I know that our amazing team is ready to make it happen for you and your family.

Satellite Beach Pizza | who has the best pizza in town?

Let me tell you why the best Satellite Beach Pizza is right here at Pappagallo’s and that is the full truth. Don’t believe me? You can check online and read many five-star Google reviews to see what we are the highest rated and most reviewed pizza restaurant in town. You will not find many other pizza restaurants in town that serve not only homemade pizza, but also homemade pizza sauce, homemade salads, homemade cheesy bread, and many more other delicious options that we have to offer. Our team here is ready to serve you the best bang for your buck that you will find here in Florida.

Do you know what sounds even better with the best Satellite Beach Pizza in front of you? A beautiful and delicious signature cocktail from Pappagallo’s. Not only do we serve amazing and delicious homemade Italian food in the area, but we also serve amazing and tasty drinks to. Whether you like a fresh margarita, mojito, Martini, or whatever that might be, our amazing team of bartenders is ready to serve you get exactly what you need to go along with that beautiful pizza. You will also be receiving the both amazing deals that we have, such as, half off drinks for men and woman throughout the week, and even half-price on our martinis and cocktails. You just cannot beat that, can you?

Finishing the best Satellite Beach Pizza also leaves you wanting one more thing, that is dessert. Well, guess what? Here at Pappagallo’s we have the best desserts in town and let me tell you why. Not only are they fresh and delicious, but they’re also home made. That is right, I said homemade. Imagine finishing off your night with a delicious homemade volcano cake, cheesecake, cannoli, or our famous cookie monster, doesn’t that sound amazing? I know it does, because that sounds amazing to me right now. If you’re unsure about what exactly are amazing dessert is, you can check our menu on a website see prices and pictures for yourself.

Do you like eating, drinking, and eating desserts with a beautiful view? Well, let me tell you that get that right here Pappagallo’s. Not only do we have the best homemade Italian food and homemade desserts in town, but we also have for you our beautiful outdoor patio where you can enjoy your food and drinks in peace. On our beautiful outdoor patio and bar, you can sit back and relax with your friends and family and enjoy the beautiful view of the ocean and at no extra cost. Now, what sounds better than that?

If you’re ready to start on this amazing pizza journey, come check out my website at and see it for yourself or you can also give us a call at 321-773-7272 if you have any specific questions, our team is ready to go above and beyond to take care of you. Are you ready for this amazing experience?