If you are looking for Satellite Beach Restaurants that are original and not just your average national chain fast food turn to the restaurant called Pappagallos. Here were not just serving pizza. Want to let you know that we have legalized marinara here and we were make sure that you know that we deliver anteater. Also have a full liquor bar and you can also check out our new oceanview patio. If you like to order online you can just visit our website which is going to be www.pappagallos.com. Our hours of operation are Sunday through Thursday from 11 AM to 9:30 PM and Friday and Saturday from 11 AM to 10 PM. Also would love to be able to tell you more about our monster pizza challenge.

The Satellite Beach Restaurants have nothing on Pappagallos. They’re not only delivering great pizzas but they also have great appetizers, soups and salads, a great kids menu, desserts, beverages, and an affordable lunch menu. And if you have something coming up and you like to have someone cater for you then choose Pappagallos. Because we can even provide you with the split plate plate fee and also how it will include a credit card fee as well. Ask your server for more details about what looking to make your event even better with Pappagallos.

The Satellite Beach Restaurants has everything that you could possibly want and it’s all found right here Pappagallos. Ask about our monster pizza challenge and what you could win if you finish one of our whole monster pizzas. Everybody here at Pappagallos is delivering phenomenal service as was even more delicious entrées and even desserts. Our desserts even include lava cakes, cookie monster, cannoli, or even cheesecake. So if your mouth is watering then you should be able to stop on in it to Pappagallos Trice on.

Order online today at our website if you’d like to be able to actually have some delivery or even carryout options. If you are at work in your just looking for something Ray can actually build a calling be able to pick it up and have it back at the office Freeling for your fellow employees they can always count on Pappagallos to deliver every time periods reach unseasonably what we are able to get by offering you delicious appetizers as well as a list of alcoholic beverages and even other beverages including your regular soda and even coffee hot tea and milk.

Call (321) 773-7272 or go to www.pappagallos.com if you’d like to be able to actually have a delivery or even a catering from Pappagallos. We have everything they could possibly want everyone make sure able to get everything that you want. So do not miss out. Call Pappagallos today.

Satellite Beach Restaurants | Ask About Our Combinations

About the combinations here at Pappagallos one of the Satellite Beach Restaurants. Here at Pappagallos we have definitely offered you a lot of hand tossed pizzas as well as subways sandwiches as well as cold subs and even concepts. If you’re looking for a menu that’s quite distinct as well as offering you not to speak at the also things like calzones and Stromboli’s as well as grilled items and you have definitely come to the right place. Because here with Pappagallos we want to be a totally original as well as being able to provide people that live in the area or people that are on vacation a place where they can actually try something new rather than having to go to the national chain restaurants.

Unlike many of the other Satellite Beach Restaurants pizza companies truly original. Whether you’re looking for garlic shrimp, stuffed shell Florentine, tortellini, chicken cacciatore, or fettuccine Alfredo or a just a simple spaghetti for the kids we have it all. Engine also a little something to it as well. W be able to add mushrooms or you likes able to have your spaghetti with meatballs lettuce and will make it happen. We also have a delicious godfather which is a comes as either a calzone or Stromboli. Absolutely delicious and it definitely gonna blow your mind with flavor.

Many of the other Satellite Beach Restaurants do not even come close to what Pappagallos is able to offer. Ask about our specialty combinations including Buffalo chicken, a tree hugger, da Vinci, the Rocky, veggie, meat lovers, deluxe, and the angry meatball. These can Ashley come to you either by calzone or Stromboli. But if you’re not much of a calzone or Stromboli person you can always create yourself your own hand tossed pizza with whatever it is you want on it. I pizzas come in individual, medium, large and extra-large. So matter how may people you are serving we had the perfect size for each member of your family.

So if you’re looking for individual toppings as well as premium toppings like vegetables, eggplant, chicken, mozzarella, ground turkey, or bacon come in NCSA. We also specialty pizzas would love to tell you more about like our deluxe, garlic, three cheese white, and are Buffalo chicken pizza. Severe level of extra little kick and you would definitely love the Buffalo chicken which is a crispy chicken breast with buffalo. And I can come in individual, medium, large, or extra-large.

Call (321) 773-7272 or go to www.pappagallos.com if you’re interested in calling in for papas dinners or specialty combinations. Deliver and we also have carryout periods if you’d like able to order something for your office coworkers then they could definitely enjoy one of our papas dinners or specialty combinations. Visit us online if you are interested in catering as well.