If you were looking for the best satellite beach restaurants that you can find anywhere, I assure you that Papagos is it. We have great customer service, but we have an amazing selection of food. We have 20 pieces available and you can customize your own if you don’t have something that fits your appetite. If you’re not even in the mood for pizza, we have over 40 different items that aren’t pizza. So, even if you’re with a group, and you have someone in that group that doesn’t want pizza, we have something they will like and I guarantee that. We’ve already reviewed the soup of the days that we have available, also, we have reviewed the salads, we guarantee that you’ll find something you want.

For the best Satellite Beach restaurants available then you absolutely already know Papa Gallo’s is that choice for you. One click look at our menu. You can see that we have a ton of options available. We reviewed some of the hot tubs that we have available, one sub that we did not check out is the Italian nightmare. The Italian nightmare has so much stuff on it hardens all in one sitting. It has ham, it has salami, it has capicola, and it’s top provolone cheese. It is all on a homemade sub, roll and buttered with our garlic butter. From there we include a grilled cheese sandwich along with those grilled onions, tomato tomatoes, and you will absolutely love this option.

For the very best Satellite Beach restaurants around, check out Papagallos. We’ve just talked about our Italian nightmare, that thing is crazy. But we have four more options to go over if you’re looking for a hot tub. We have a meatball sub, so if you’re looking for that classic meatball sub, we can do that, you can have it and a half or a whole size. We also have the spicy Italian sausage if you’re looking for something a little different, and then the last two options include an eggplant, Parmesan, and the chicken Parmesan. You can see that we have a diverse menu, we can accommodate any appetite and you will have the level we have available.

Once again, just recap, we have subs, we have hot subs, we have them in half-and-half sizes as well. So we can accommodate any appetite, we can also accommodate any taste. Doesn’t matter what you want, we have something for you. We also have Papa’s grill. We have reviewed all the cool burger options that we have available. So be sure to check out some of the burgers that we have available if you are not in the mood for some pizza.

If you want more information, visit www.papagallos.com or call at 321-773-7272. Click on the menu page that we have on our website, you’ll see once you pick out something you like, you can download the menu via PDF, or you can place your order online. So if you’re looking to place your order online, again visit the menu page, pick out something like click that place your order button and then get to enjoy great food.

Satellite Beach restaurants | cold subs available

The best satellite beach restaurants available are Papagos. We have a great menu, we also have incredible drinks available. So if you’re in the mood for food and drinks, we can accommodate you. If you are looking for some of our signature ships as we like to call them, check out the drinks menu on our page and you will find something you like. We have happy hour going from Tuesday through Sunday from 3 to 7, so you can enjoy a one dollar off draft beer or wine during the happy hour. You can also enjoy the view that we have from our oceanview bar and that will be something that you will enjoy as well.

For the best satellite beach restaurants available they must have great drinks, at Paul we do have great drinks. Click on the drinks menu so you can see all the drinks that we have available. You can check out our signature ships, and you can read the testimony that we have on that webpage from an unknown person who refers to Alcohol being a solution according to the periodic table, that’s slightly sad, that is also 100% true.

If you’re looking for the best satellite beach restaurants available, then check out Papagallos, and be sure to check out our specials that we have available from 3 to 7 on Tuesday through Sunday as well. The first drink that you will see in our signature sip selection is the mango basil margarita. This includes mango purée along with some fresh basil leaves. This, of course, also comes with some tequila, because it wouldn’t be a margarita without some tequila.

After you’ve tried the mango basil, margarita, you can also try the lavish mule. This mixes it up, we go with vodka on this one instead of tequila, so we combine that vodka with some house lavender syrup, along with fresh mint and ginger beer. So if you’re looking for something a little lighter touch, this lavish mule may be the best option for you. Have you tried the lavish meal, be sure to try our black and yellow as well. Full disclosure, make sure you separate these drinks in between visits, don’t drink too many at one sitting, when you get home safe.

But now you can see that we have a lot available at www.papagallos.com or you can call us at 321-773-7272 to see what other options that we have available. We guarantee you you will like all the other options we have available so we’re gonna be a couple more before I let you go. We have a cucumber crush Mojito that includes rum, elderflower, and a little bit of fresh cucumber water. We also include some simple syrup and fresh mint with us. If you were looking for something else, we also have a salty sangria. That includes some Clementine vodka. We can mix that with some sour mix, as well as a little bit of peach, snapped and much more. You’ll have a great time with great customer service and great drinks, come on in.