In 1981, Dave Rich wanted to create his restaurant after working for years in a family restaurant. Inspired by a desire to create a homey atmosphere for guests, Pappagallo’s came into being. His restaurant was filled with workers who loved what they did and loved their customers. They survived a lot of rough times, especially when they’re building burned down in 1990. But like phoenixes, they always rose from the ashes of tragedy and instruction, committed as always to maintain one of the best Satellite Beach Restaurants.

Today, nearly 40 years later, Rich’s dream is still going strong. This most unique of Satellite Beach Restaurants is a place of joy and smiles. Whenever customers come in, they can expect to be treated well because it is in the employees’ code of conduct to regard customers like family. They take their job seriously, showering their customers with happy smiles and letting them witness the food-making process. Customers walking in will get to see the chefs tossing the pizza dough in the air and the mixers preparing expert drinks.

Pappagallo’s is the place to go when you are feeling stressed. While many Satellite Beach Restaurants can help with the stress, Pappagallo’s is the best. With those peppy servers and a glorious view of the ocean, it is obvious that stress can be disposed of here. Just sit overlooking the ocean, smelling the salty air waft up toward you, hearing the ocean lap against the beach, and sipping on a drink made to take the edge off. And the pizza is so good that the kids will love it, too. Feel free to bring them with you, especially after wading through a long day of trying to keep the house tidy after they made their messes. Whatever stress that you have been dealing with, you can be sure that the guy is can help you deal with it.

Got a big party to cater for? Got a wedding, a family reunion, an office party, a birthday bash, or just a big get together? Say no more! Pappagallo’s caters, and with a large portion available at affordable prices, you can be sure that even your most hungry guest will leave satisfied. Just watch for the “Pie Wagon” coming down the street, emblazoned with the red parrot and the gondola shirt. Even though you won’t get to sit on the beachfront in the restaurant, you will still get an authentic Pappagallo’s experience as you will be graded with that genuine Pappagallo’s smile.

Had a rough day? Ready to let someone else do the cooking? Feel free to pop on by to 1769 Florida A1A. Or order in by visiting or calling 321-773-7272. Pappagallo’s is ready to serve you! Want to give a nice review? Just pop on over to the Facebook page, Pappagallos Beachside. You will soon see why this is one of the most beloved restaurants in Satellite Beach!

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Looking for a great place to eat, but don’t know which of the many Satellite Beach Restaurants you should try? Have I got the place for you! Pappagallo’s pizza is simply glorious. With nearly 40 years of experience serving the public with smiles, a happy demeanor, and delicious food, Pappagallo’s is a place that you just have to try!

In 1981, Dave Rich had a dream. Desiring to create a family-owned restaurant dedicated to serving the public with smiles and love, he established Pappagallo’s and worked tirelessly to make it successful. Despite a large setback when 1990 when that the building burned down, the restaurant stayed strong, rising like a Pheonix from the ashes of destruction to keep serving their dear customers. Today, Pappagallo’s continues to be one of the most beloved Satellite Beach Restaurants.

You won’t find an experience like Pappagallo’s among the other Satellite Beach Restaurants. Here, you will find a staff that is always smiling and anxious to serve you. The chefs toss the pizza dough and the mixers prepare the drinks in broad sight so you can feel like you are part of the process, enjoying it like a show at a carnival. And yet, it’s not a carnival, because of the people at Pappagallo’s care about you as an individual, not just as a customer or an audience member. But if you don’t feel like watching the show, you can just sit and look out the window to watch the picturesque oceanfront. Just take a drink and sit, smelling the salty air waft up from the shores below and listening to the waves lapping at the sand. It is sure to be a restful, relaxing experience that you can’t get anywhere else.

Of course, we don’t always need a place where we can only sit down to eat. Sometimes, we need a place that can cater to. Good news! Pappagallo’s is a place that offers both in-store seating and catering. With delicious food and large portions available at affordable prices, you can be sure that Pappagallo’s will meet your catering needs and that you can feed even your most hungry guests. Whether it’s a wedding you’re preparing for, a family reunion, a birthday bash, or an office party, Pappagallo’s has what you need. Just watch for the “Pie Wagon” traveling down the street, emblazoned with the red parrot in a gondola shirt. And, even though you won’t be at the restaurant, you can be sure that you will still get the authentic Pappagallo’s experience. Your driver will greet you with that smile and friendliness that is unique to the staff at Pappagallo’s.

Ready to order? Just go online to a call 321-773-7272. Of course, if you want to sit and look at the oceanfront while you’re waiting for your feet, even just pop into the restaurant itself at 1769 Florida A1A. Whatever you need, Pappagallo’s can deliver for you. Be sure to like their Facebook page, Pappagallos Beachside.