Are you looking for affordable Satellite Beach Restaurants to take your family to or to get a nice evening away from the world with? If so, you come to the right place. Pappagallo’s pizzeria is the place for you, whether you are looking for a nice place to get away from the stress of the week or a place to have a good time with your friends or family. We offer a host of delicious food and it drinks, perfect for any pilot and any sort of party that may come through. This is a great place for you to have a little fun with your friends, but it is also a safe place to bring your kids for a nice family outing.

Have you ever been to any of the Satellite Beach Restaurants that is hosted by people who do not seem to care about you as a customer? We all know that restaurant where the employees are cranky and seem to be very unhappy that the customers have come in to interrupt whatever they were doing before. Whenever you come to Pappagallo’s, however, you will never have this sort of experience. You will always be greeted with a smile and treated like family. Even if you are ordering for delivery or catering, you always receive the same kind of care and warmth as you would if you came into the store. We just care about making sure that you are taking care of and that you have an amazing time getting assistance and care that you need.

Come to our website to see the amazing food that we offer, unique among any of the other Satellite Beach Restaurants. We offer amazing pizza, of course, which is considered to be the best pizza in the area by men. We also offer delicious Stromboli’s, calzones, subs, and more. Just take a look at our website menu to see what sounds best to you. Of course, you will probably want to have a brownie, no matter what sort of meal you are having, as they are our specialty. In fact, we give free brownies on Fridays, so Friday is deathly a good time to come in.

Did you know that Pappagallo’s has Satellite Beach’s first ocean-view bar? We do! And is a great place for you to get a nice drink and look out at the glorious Atlantic Ocean. Sip your drink, relax, and let the smell of the salt wafted over you. Hear the sound of the waves lapping at the beach and let the beautiful sites of the water bring you peace.

Love to see you here at Pappagallo’s. Just come on into our restaurant location at 1769 Florida A1A in Satellite Beach, Florida, or give us a call at 321-773-7272. You can also check out our website, Whether you are wanting to dine in, carry out, order for delivery, or order for catering, we have got options for you and are super excited to serve you. Come on in and let us help you destress from a long, trying week. Or let us through that you need for an event. Your guests will surely love the amazing food that can provide. With the large portion sizes that we have available at affordable prices, you are sure to be able to see that even your hungriest guest plenty of food.

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They’re all sorts of national chains of pizza restaurants that you can enjoy, but there’s only one place that offers the most amazing pizza in the Satellite Beach area. When you’re going to eat out, you know that you should look into Satellite Beach Restaurants rather than national chains, for local food is always better. You can trust local restaurants always put extra care and love into the food that they make, and you can always trust that is going to be more fresh than the food found at those big old national chains. That is why you should come to Pappagallo’s pizzeria, the highest-reviewed pizzeria and Satellite Beach.

What does it take to become the highest type of reviewed pizzeria in Satellite Beach? First of all, you have to have really good pizza. It has to be good enough to make you stand out from all of the other Satellite Beach Restaurants. And we assure you that the pizza that we serve is definitely worth the notoriety. You know that when we offer pizza that is adored by both children and adults, it is got to be good pizza. We also have a nice variety of adult drinks, which are sure to match every taste palettes.

Another amazing thing about coming to local Satellite Beach Restaurants is that you are always going to be receiving the highest quality care, as you will be served by people who care about the area into care about the community. Whenever you come into this family-restaurant, you will always be greeted with a smile and treated as if you are part of the family. In fact, it is our duty and pleasure to make you part of our family, as we care about you and serving you with amazing service.

No matter what you’re looking for, you are sure to find something to tickle your fancy here at Pappagallo’s. We have, of course, the most amazing pizza ever. We also offer delicious Stromboli’s, calzones, and sub sandwiches. You can order in, order for carryout, order for delivery, or even order for catering. Ordering with us for a catering experience is going to be a great time, as you will see our beloved “Pie Wagon” coming with your order, full of delicious food and driven by employees that are excited to serve you and to give you a fantastic experience. Whether you are looking for food for your wedding, family reunion, or office party, we have thought great options for you. Our options are also very affordable, and we have large portions, so you can be certain that even the hungriest member of your party will have plenty to eat.

If you’re ready to be astounded by our amazing food at Pappagallo’s, come visit our location at 1769 Florida A1A in Satellite Beach, Florida. Can also give us a call at 321-773-7272 or visit our website, We look forward to serving you and show you the amazing service that we can give you. Let us shower you with smiles and delicious food so that you can have an amazing night, either at home, at your party, or at our oceanview restaurant.