In 1981, Dave Rich realized that he very much enjoyed working with family-owned Satellite Beach Restaurants, and he decided in 1990 that he wanted to start one of his own. Thus, Pappagallo’s Italian-American pizzeria was born, and Dave was able to achieve his dream. When the restaurant burned down, he worked hard to get the restaurant relocated to a new store so that he could keep working to improve the lives of everyone who came through stores. Today, you find Pappagallo’s at 1769 Florida A1A, and we are completely dedicated to making sure that you always have a wonderful experience when you come see us.

Here are Pappagallo’s, the best of all beef restaurants, you will always be given an amazing customer experience. We care about making sure that you feel welcomed and that you are able to become part of our family. After all, we are a family-owned restaurant who cares about our community and making everyone feel welcome. Whenever you come in, you will be greeted with a smile, and you will always be treated with incredible warmth. Even if you order for delivery or for catering purposes, you will receive the same type of service and loving care that we give you when you come into the store.

Have you had a rough week? It was the office a nightmare? Are the kids acting up? Is there some other sort of frustration that you are dealing with? Not to worry. Here at Pappagallo’s, we are pleased to offer the most relaxing atmosphere of any of the Satellite Beach Restaurants. As the first bar in Satellite Beach with an ocean view, we have an experience like no other. Order your drinks and sit looking out at the beautiful ocean and smelling the salt coming up from the waves below.

If you’re looking for a great place for catering, you come to the right place. Pappagallo’s offers a full catering menu, and we are always pleased to help you get enough food for your wedding, family reunion, or even office party. With the large portions that we have available at affordable prices come you are sure to be able to feed even the most hungry of your guests. Just keep a lookout for our beloved “Pie Wagon” coming down the street toward you, emblazoned with our signature red parrot in the gondola start.

Ready to order from the Best Pizza Places in Satellite Beach? If so, just give us a call at 321-773-7272 or visit our website, You can also come straight into our location at 1769 Florida A1A. We look forward to serving you and to showing you the amazing difference that we can make in your life and the life of your loved ones. Let us give you an amazing pizza experience that you will never forget.

Satellite Beach Restaurants | Pappagallo’s Versus Other Restaurants

Have you ever been to one of the Satellite Beach Restaurants that is staffed by a bunch people who don’t seem to care about you or any of the other customers? You know, when you come in and to find an employee who is sitting in the back, staring at a cell phone and seemingly irritated that you have come in to interrupt them. The depression experience. And it makes you feel like you are not valued as customer. However, whenever you come to Pappagallo’s Italian-American eatery, you will never have this sort of experience. You will always be served by an experienced staff who is caring and loyal to customers. Just come on in and see the difference that we make.

When you come into Pappagallo’s Italian eatery, the best of all of the Satellite Beach Restaurants, you will always be greeted with a smile. After all a family-good restaurant, we care about making sure that our customers feel welcome and loved. If you are a regular customer, we will even greet you by name. One in and let us write your week with the amazing service that we can give you. You also get this kind of amazing service when you order for delivery or for catering.

If you’ve been having a stressful week, Pappagallo’s is the best of all Satellite Beach Restaurants to come to. We offer a large variety of delicious drinks, to their sure to be something that will tickle your fancy. We also offer a variety of drinks that are unique to our location that you cannot find anywhere else. And, when you come in, you will be able to watch his craft districts and experience unlike any other. Whenever you get your drink, you will be able to sit by the ocean view window in our bar and experience the relaxing view of the ocean. Feel free to come in on one of our drink special days for a great discount. On Mondays, we offer half off drinks to men, and on Wednesdays, we offer half off drinks to women.

Don’t worry about bringing your kids in, for we are dedicated to making sure that, even though we serve adult drinks, that our atmosphere is always safe for people of every age. In fact, one of the best offers that we have is the free brownie Friday, which is a great time to bring in your kids.

We would love to see you at our location, 1769 Florida A1A in Satellite Beach, for a period you can also give us a call at 321-773-7272 or visit our website, We are excited to see you and to bring you into our bios family. You should also check out our new, fun “Legalized Marinara” T-shirts. We look forward to serving you into giving you an experience unlike any other. You should also check into our catering services, for we offer large portions at affordable prices, which are perfect to serve any number of guests at any sort of event. Whether you need catering for a wedding,, or office party, we got you covered. Just keep a lookout for our beloved “Pie Wagon” with the red parrot in the gondola shirt and hat.