You know when you found the most amazing Satellite Beach Restaurants. It’s just something that you can tell in the quality of the food on the quality of the service combined. Not to mention a great atmosphere is also a wonderful bonus. Great news. Pappagallo’s Italian-American eatery is a place that combines all three of these elements. If you’re looking for a great place for a delicious meal surrounded by a staff that cares about you, you have definitely come to the right place.

Other Satellite Beach Restaurants are not as committed to making sure that you get the type of experience you can get with us. We are committed to making you feel like family; after all, we are a family-owned restaurant. Therefore, we want to make sure that US the customer always feel welcome and that you are given an amazing experience. You always be greeted with a smile and, if you are a regular customer, greeted by name. You will get the same sort of amazing service no matter if you order in the restaurant, for delivery, or for catering.

Of course, we offer only the most amazing pizza ever. We are the highest-reviewed pizzeria in the Satellite Beach you, so you can rest sure that we are deafly one of the best of all of Satellite Beach Restaurants. We offer a wide variety amazing pizza that is sure to please any taste, but we also offer amazing Stromboli’s, calzones, sub sandwiches, and more. Even your five-year-old is sure to find something on our menu that she will fall in love with.

As for atmosphere, when you have a pretty amazing one. When you come in, you will be astounded by our expert chefs flipping the dough in front of your eyes and he amazing remixers crafting those glorious drinks with flourish and fanfare. Then, you will be able to take your drinks and enjoy our amazing oceanview bar, the first in Satellite Beach. How can you possibly be stressed when you are at the beautiful ocean, smelling the salt, and hearing the waves? But don’t worry; even though we offer a wide variety of adult beverages, we always work to make sure that the environment is completely safe for your kids as well.

If you’d like to come into Pappagallo’s, we would love to serve you. Just visit us at 1769 Florida A1A in Satellite Beach, Florida. You can also give us a call at 321-773-7272 or visit our website, We look forward to serving you and to show you the amazing difference that we can make in your week. If you are in need of catering for a special event, whether it is a wedding, an office party, or a family reunion, we have got you covered. We have large portions available at affordable prices so that you will be able to feed even the most ravenous of your guests. Just keep a lookout for our beloved “Pie Wagon”, full of your food and emblazoned with our signature red parrot in the gondola shirt.

Satellite Beach Restaurants | Stellar Service At Pappagallos

Whenever you come to Pappagallo’s, the best of all Satellite Beach Restaurants, you can always expect to receive excellent service. There are many other restaurants that are not dedicated to giving you the best service, as they are always run by people who do not seem to care about you coming in to get food or even about getting business at all. Sometimes, you’ve been to those places that have are run by people who to be annoyed by your cousins, like you have interrupted them when they were doing something else. However, when you come into Pappagallo’s, this will never be an issue. You will always be greeted by a staff cares about you and is excited to see you. He will always be greeted with a smile and treated as if you are a member of the family. Let us show you the Pappagallo’s difference.

Not only do we have an amazing staff here at Pappagallo’s, but another thing that makes us the best of the Satellite Beach Restaurants is our amazing atmosphere. We are the first oceanview bar in Satellite Beach, giving you an opportunity to relax and look out at the ocean as you are sipping on a delicious drink that can help take the edge off of a stressful week. We have such a wide variety of drinks that you are sure to be able to find one that suits you. You can also watch our expert mixers craft the beverage right in front of you. It’s sure to be a delightful experience. However, if you are wanting to come in for a family outing, don’t worry. We always make certain that the restaurant is a safe place for people of every age come in and enjoy.

Of course, the best of Satellite Beach Restaurants has to also have amazing food, right? No worries. We have used amazing food ever here at that life Pappagallo’s. Our pizza is to die for, as you can see from the many reviews that we have on our websites. Our customers are always clamoring to come back for more. We also have delicious Stromboli’s, calzones, and even sub sandwiches even your five-year-old are sure to find something that she will love to eat, and we all know how hard it is to please five year olds.

If you’re looking for a great place for catering for your big event, we have got it for you. Whether you are looking for catering for a wedding, and office party, or a family reunion, you have guys I could wish you need. And, since we have large forces is available at affordable prices, you can be certain that we will be able to feed even the most ravenous of your guests. Was can look out for our beloved “Pie Wagon” heading down the street with your food, and emblazoned with our signature red parrot in the gondola shirt.

If you’re ready to order from the most amazing to the shop in Satellite Beach, just give us a call at 321-773-7272 or visit our website, You can also visit our location at 1769 Florida A1A. We look forward to serving you and to giving you an amazing experience that will leave you wanted to come back again and again.