Looking for a great place to spend the evening enjoying delicious food and being served by friendly staff? Say no more! Pappagallo’s is the restaurant you need! With nearly 40 years of serving the public with glowing smiles, Pappagallo’s is more than qualified to be known as one of the best Satellite Beach Restaurants. The food is delicious; the staff is friendly and caring, and the view of the Atlantic Ocean from the restaurant is fantastically beautiful. A visit to Pappagallo’s is always a chance to relax and enjoy the company of your family.

In 1981, Dave Rich started up a new restaurant, armed only with a dream. Through the years, the restaurant faced hardship, especially when the building burned down in 1990. But, like a phoenix, Pappagallo’s stayed strong and rose from the ashes, allowing it to remain one of the most tenacious of the Satellite Beach Restaurants. Today, Pappagallo’s as ready as ever to serve the public with the servers’ glowing smiles and the fantastic food.

Have you had a rough day? Are the kids acting up? Was work just awful? Say no more. Pappagallo’s is the place you need to take the edge off of a stressful day. With the relaxing view of the sea and with a variety of drinks available for purchase, you can sit watching the waves lap at the shore and smelling the salty air wafting up toward your nose while sipping a pleasant drink that was mixed just for you. With this relaxing setting, you can be sure the Pappagallo’s is the best of the Satellite Beach Restaurants for destressing after a rough day. And, being a family-friendly establishment, you can feel safe bringing your kids with you to the restaurant. They are sure to love pizza, too! Of course, if you need to order in, that is an option. With the ability to order online or over the phone, it is extremely easy to get the delicious pizza delivered right to your home.

Do you have a large gathering to cater to? Are you planning a wedding, an office party, a birthday bash, or a family reunion? Pappagallo’s has got you covered. With large portions available at affordable prices, you know that you will be able to get enough food to feed even the hungriest of your guests. Just look for the “Pie Wagon” trundling down the street, emblazoned with the red parrot in the gondola shirt. You can be sure that, even though you are not eating at the restaurant itself, you will still receive the same quality service and be greeted with a smile.

Ready to make your order? Feel free to visit our website, pappagallos.com, or give us a call at 321-773-7272. If you want more information, you can answer it on the site or visit our Facebook page, Pappagallos Beachside. We are located at 1769 Florida A1A, so come pop by and see what makes us special. We’re looking for to serving you!

Satellite Beach Restaurants | Take Me To The Best Pizza Restaurant In Town.

It is Friday night, and you are hungry. But the day was pretty rough, and you are not in the mood to cook. The kids are rowdy; the office was a nightmare; you are just ready for a break. Luckily for you, Pappagallo’s is ready to serve you some amazing Italian-American food. With 40 years’ worth of experience serving the public with amazing food and a friendly demeanor, you know that Pappagallo’s is the best of the Satellite Beach Restaurants.

When you walk into Pappagallo’s, you’ll instantly know that something is different about the atmosphere than that of other Satellite Beach Restaurants. The staff will greet you with smiles, and you will be delighted to see the chefs tossing pizza dough in the air for all to see while expert mixers prepare drinks for thirsty guests. Grab your drink and sit by the window overlooking the panoramic Atlantic Ocean. Put your feet up and let the smell of the salty air and the sound of the ocean lapping at the beach calm your senses, washing away the cares of the day. Rest easy, knowing that you are the hands of a staff that adheres to a code that is customer-oriented. Believe that the staff of Pappagallo’s is committed to treating you like family. Whether you’re looking for a night at a quirky restaurant or a night of resting by the seaside, Pappagallo’s has what you need.

Pappagallo’s has a nearly 40-year history of serving, but things weren’t always easy. In 1990, after only having been open for nine years, the restaurant burned down, and the owners had to start from scratch. But, like phoenixes, they rose from the ashes and took the opportunity to continue growing the business into something even bigger and better than before. This tenacity has contributed to its growth into one of the most well-loved Satellite Beach Restaurants. And despite adversity, the staff maintains their cheerful outlook and hearty smiles. Because of the hard work, you know that this is a place that you want to be.

Pappagallo’s also offers catering, and they operate based on your schedule. Whenever you need them to arrive with the food, they’ll be there. Just lookout for the “Pie Wagon” coming down the road, emblazoned with the red parrot in the gondola shirt. And with large portions available at affordable prices, you know that you will be able to get enough food to feed even the most hungry of your guests. Whether you need to feed wedding guests, party guests, or family members at a reunion, Pappagallo’s is the perfect choice for making your event both personal and fun.

Ready to order? Feel free to order ahead online at pappagallos.com or over the phone by calling 321-773-7272. You can pick your order up in the store, located at 1769 Florida A1A, or have it delivered. Don’t forget to visit our Facebook page, Pappagallos Beachside, and give us alike. We look forward to serving you.