If you are searching for the best Satellite Beach Restaurants Then consider eating at Pappagallos, Located in Seattle Beach Florida come by and discover by we are voted one of the best homemade pizza Italian eatery restaurants in the area and why Our Ocean View Bar is constantly reviewed as one of the highest quality eating establishments with a most scenic views of Florida beaches. We are certain that if you and your family make our choice for a night out or for a take out you will be absolutely amazed by the quality of our ingredients and by the high quality of our Customer service.

We are consistently recognized as one of the best Satellite Beach Restaurants Because our menu offers an extensive array of food and drinks that will leave you amazed. Along with that our Oceanside bar offers things like mango basil margarita and cucumber mojitos that are made to enjoy it as you kick back and take in some of the best views Florida has to offer. Pappagallos Is also a locally owned business it strives to remain a leader in the community by offering support to local Youth Sports programs.

Pappagallos is amongst the best Satellite Beach Restaurants Because not only do we offer wonderful in-house experience with an incredible menu. But that very same menu is also available to you when you reach out to us for catering services. Are catering is one of the most high quality and highly reviewed services that is sure to leave your guest at your event or party absolutely impressed with the equality of our ingredients and the service offered by our catering experts.
So if you have absolutely any questions please go online and reach out to us about how we can set up your next event with some of the best pizza in the local area.

Our restaurant is one of the favorites for local residents of the Seattle Beach area. There are plenty of pizza places in Seattle Beach but none are quiet like Pappagallos. We are consistently chosen over all of our competitors because we offer some of the highest quality ingredients in some of the best service. Along with that our restaurant is located right next to the beach so customers usually feel like they are experiencing Florida the right way while they are relaxing and enjoying one of our specialty pizzas or one of our craft beers.

So once again, if you are in the mood for pizza tonight please reach out to us and give us a call at 321-773-7272 or if you have any questions about how we can cater your next event please go online at Pappagallos.com and contact us about our extensive catering menu that is certain to leave all your guests impressed with our award-winning customer service and our made from scratch pizza dough. And do not forget that we have happy hour at one of the best Seattle Beach ocean view bars.

Satellite Beach Restaurants | Our Family is Happy to Serve Yours!

Looking for Seattle Beach restaurants? then search no farther than the amazing Pappagallos, where we offer an amazing in-house dining experience that is bound to leave you and your friends absolutely Blown Away and where we offer a wonderful Ocean View that will leave you feeling Amazed by Florida beaches. Customer service is highly reviewed and unmatched by any other Pizzeria in the area because we focus on providing our customers with attention to detail in a fun environment.

Unlike other Satellite Beach Restaurants, Pappagallos Has a carefully crafted menu of specialty cocktails that pair perfectly with our specialty pizzas. We not only specialize in making pizzas but we are also a great location for lunch Because we offer menu options such as soups, salads, subs and appetizers. We are also kid friendly, offering small pizzas on our kids menu. The atmosphere at Pappagallos Is a fun, friendly and relaxed family environment where you can come in and enjoy lunch, dinner and some cocktails. We offer a wide array of pizza toppings and all of our dough is made in-house daily.

So if you are searching for one of the best Satellite Beach Restaurants, Let us show you why we are constantly reviewed as one of the best in the area and why are customer testimonials are passionate about the way we make our pizzas. and why we are constantly the choice for a night out with the family or a night out with friends at our full Liquor Bar where we serve refreshing cucumber mojitos and margaritas, made by some of the best bartenders in the Seattle Beach area.

Also feel free to reach out to us about our special events catering and find out why customers Rave about our award-winning service and why we are constantly chosen as events specialists. let us cater your next event and let us impress your guest at your event with our amazing selection of pizzas are entire menu is available Through our catering so we are a One-Stop shop where you never go hungry and we offer something for everybody at your event or party so we would like to cater your event so that you can sit back and relax as we make our customizable pieces the center of attention at your party. This is really a great place to go out to.

So if you feel that way would be a perfect fit for your catering needs let us help you by contacting us at 321-773-7272 or by reaching us on the web at Pappagallos.com And do not hesitate to ask more questions about our pizza making process or the quality of our ingredients and feel free to stop by our restaurant With all your friends and family to enjoy the amazing views of Florida beaches while having a slice of some of the world’s best pizza paired with customer service that is unmatched and unparalleled to any Pizzeria found it in the Seattle Beach area.