The top Satellite Beach Restaurants In Florida include papagallo’s pizza. Papa Gallows is a unique dining experience that is dedicated to delivering an interesting outdoor pizza dining on the beach experience. great pizzas, soups, salads, pastas, and Italian dinners! Also, don’t forget about our desserts! We have a passion for serving great food with great entertainment! you will not be disappointed with the service that you receive from our staff. It’s a great environment and everyone contributes to the fantastic atmosphere. Our owners have dedicated a lot of time to make a wonderful environment for our customers. you have never had a dining experience like this before!

If you’re wanting a good Satellite Beach Restaurants, make sure that you bring your family to Papa gallows. We appreciate our customers and want to pour into them the way that they have poured into us.That is why we always use the freshest ingredients, and keep our entertainment new and fun. We love to donate to local schools and local Youth Sports teams. That is our way of helping give back to the community that has given so much to us. Our goal has always been to give you a unique dining experience with good food, that doesn’t break the bank and isn’t cheap quality.

This Satellite Beach Restaurants monster pizza challenge is something you don’t want to miss! Our Monster pizza challenge is so entertaining, and worth trying! Two people get to go up against a 16 inch by 20 inch pizza. The winner gets their picture put up on the wall at Pappagallo’s. This is everyone’s favorite challenge, because not many are able to succeed. We love to see our customers enjoying their time at our restaurant. That is why we do what we do. We also love to provide family fun nights for our customers to enjoy as well! We have jeep nights, Christmas Golf Cart Nights, and many many more!

We strive every day to provide you with top-notch customer service, as well as top-notch food. Locals and vacationers alike rave about us in our reviews because of how good their experience with us has been! We are so glad that you have not been introduced to Papa gallo’s pizza. you will always love to visit our restaurant, because it never gets old! We provide so much for every one of all ages. We just create such a welcoming atmosphere with our kind staff, and customers, this is the place that everyone wants to be. We are so blessed to have such a wonderful customer base, in a wonderful team of people who want to serve. We always want to know if you are having a good experience.

Please feel free to reach out and contact us with any questions or concerns that you may have. We are eager to hear from you and want to answer any of your questions. We appreciate our customers and encourage you to please reach out if you have any questions. Our website is, And our phone number is 321-773-7272!

Satellite Beach Restaurants | Serving You, One Slice at a Time

Our Satellite Beach Restaurants or something you don’t want to miss! We work so hard to put together for you a fun, welcoming environment here at Papa gallo’s! All of our customers enjoy coming in and out of our restaurant because we are located right on the beach! We have such a unique vantage point by being on the beach, but we also have a unique menu. We serve pizza, pasta, soup, salad, burgers, and dessert! We know how much you would love our food! That is because we work so hard to bring you quality ingredients that are good and healthy for your whole entire family! Everyone will be able to find something, because of the large variety of food that we provide on our menu at Papa gallo’s.

Everyone agrees that Pappagallo’s is in the top list of restaurants at Satellite Beach Restaurants. That is because we are so dedicated to giving everyone a good time! Our staff works so well together to give you a good time. We want you to know how Important you are to us as our customer. You are our top priority and we want to take care of you. That is why we have such great communication with our customers, so that if anything goes wrong we can fix it immediately. We will do everything in our power to make our customers happy!

The Satellite Beach Restaurants are flexible so that you can have the experience that you want! We offer catering that works for you! Our catering is different because we have scheduled flexibility. This means that we will drop off the food whenever you need, not based on our business hours. We always make our catered meals fresh for those that are going to enjoy it. We can tweak the menu to whatever you need so that you have the perfect event! We also provide everything that you need for catering. We bring you tentils, serving spoons, anything that you could possibly need!

Speaking of events, we want you to know that we have special events that are high energy that’s perfect for the whole family to enjoy. We want everyone to enjoy themselves. That’s why throughout The year we put on these special events so that everyone can enjoy themselves. The children can enjoy the beach events that we host, the adults can enjoy the full bar that we provide, and the teens can go head to head in a battle for the Monster Pizza challenge! Whatever it is we are ready to serve you with a smile!

No matter what brought you to Papa gallo’s, you will find yourself wanting to come back again and again! We love hosting family fun! If you are wondering about any of Our menu options, including our catering menu, please visit our website at We would also love for you to give us a call on our phone at 321-773-7272! We can’t wait to host your next event or be a part of your special day!