What’s your favorite food? What’s your favorite place to have that food? My favorite food is pizza, and I think the best place to get it is Pappagallo’s restaurant. Of all the Satellite Beach Restaurants you can go to, none are quite like Pappagallo’s. With a nearly 40-year history of serving the public, the workers at Pappagallo’s know how to make you smile

When you come into Pappagallo’s, you might notice several things that are unique to it as opposed to other Satellite Beach Restaurants. When you walk in, you will be greeted with smiles, and you’ll get the unique opportunity to watch the chefs prepare the pizza dough before your eyes. Expert mixers pour drinks in front of you, mixing whatever drink you want according to your taste. And, when you’re ready to sit down, you will get to sit in front of the view of the Atlantic Ocean. As your waiting for your pizza, the salty smell of the ocean will waft toward you while you’re hearing the sound of the waves lapping against the shore.

Do you have a favorite type of pizza? That’s good! because Pappagallo’s pizzas are made to order. If what you like isn’t on the menu, you can order it just as you like it anyway. The people at Pappagallo’s are committed to making sure that you are satisfied with your food. They will not settle for anything less. Of all Satellite Beach Restaurants, Pappagallo’s is the most committed to making sure that you are happy and satisfied with the service that you receive. It’s in their code to make sure that customers are treated like family. You are sure to leave the restaurant with a smile on your face after being served by so many other smiling faces.

Looking for a caterer? Look no further! Pappagallo’s caters and they are flexible to fit your schedule. whether it’s a wedding, a party, or get together, the delicious pizza of Pappagallo’s is the best choice. With large portions at affordable prices, you can be sure that even the hungriest person at your party will be satisfied. When you order, just watch the streets for the “Pie Wagon” with the red parrot in the gondola shirt and emblazoned on the side. Even when you order for catering, find these people to be sweet, considerate, and full of smiles. While you might not get the oceanfront experience, you will get a friendly, quirky experience that you want from Pappagallo’s.

Ready to order a pizza? Fantastic! You can give Pappagallo’s a call at 321-773-7272 or visit their website, pappagallos.com. Of course, if you want to just come in and sit watching the action while you wait for your pizza, just come to 1769 Florida A1A. To see reviews or to ask questions to the staff directly, the Facebook page, Pappagallos Beachside. The staff is always looking forward to serving you in the best way possible!

Satellite Beach Restaurants | Where Can I Find A Restaurant With Friendly People?

Looking for a great place to have some delicious pizza? A place that has a caring and loving staff? Would you like to have a picturesque view to watch while you’re eating? Then the place you are looking for is Pappagallo’s. Of all the Satellite Beach Restaurants, you can’t beat Pappagallo’s, a place known for its superb service and excellent food. On top of that, the restaurant is a beachfront restaurant. Thus, while you’re eating, you get the chance to sit and look out at the waves of the Atlantic Ocean, smelling the salty air as it wafts up in your direction and hearing the water lap against the shore.

The staff at Pappagallo’s is friendly and caring, always giving a big smile to all of its customers. It’s in their code to make sure that their customers are treated like family. They always make sure that your time here, more than at other Satellite Beach Restaurants, is pleasurable and cozy. With the smiles you receive when you walk in the door, the opportunity to watch the chefs toss the pizza dough, and the ability to watch the mixers prepare your drinks right in front of you, you know you’re going to be in good hands when you choose Pappagallo’s.

Have you had a rough day at work? Are the kids acting up? Do you need a way to destress? Is it just one of those days when you can’t cook? When this happens, most of us will turn to one of the many Satellite Beach Restaurants. But with the friendly staff, the ocean view, and the wide array of drinks available, you know that Pappagallo’s is the right choice to making sure that your day ends well. The kids will love the pizza, and you will love the peace. Let yourself take the edge off your stress with a drink and a seat overlooking the ocean.

Got a gathering to get food prepared for? Got an office party? A family reunion? A wedding? Good news! Pappagallo’s caters! And with large portions available at affordable prices, you can be sure that if you order with Pappagallo’s that even the most hungry of your guests will have enough to eat to be satisfied. Just look for the “Pie Wagon” coming down the street, emblazoned with the red parrot in the gondola shirt. It’s a cute, quirky vehicle that matches the cute, quirky personality of the restaurant. Even with the catering, you will be greeted with the same smile that you are greeted within the restaurant.

Ready to order some pizza? Give Pappagallo’s a call at 321-773-7272 or visit them online at pappagallos.com. Of course, if you want the experience of sitting and looking at the waves while you’re waiting for your pizza, you can just pop right into the restaurant itself at its 1769 Florida A1A. Feel free to make Pappagallo’s on Facebook, Pappagallos Beachside, to show your support. The staff of Pappagallo is looking forward to serving you with the signature smile.