Member that one restaurant that you went to a ways back? The one where the staff seemed very just dead inside. Maybe they refuse to look at you in the eye when you are ordering, or maybe they were dressed like they had just gotten out of bed. They treated you rudely and Justin and give you the right sort of service. Here at Pappagallo’s, one of the Top Pizza Places in Satellite Beach, we are not like that. We hate to see any sort of poor customer service come out of our store, so you can always trust your best to see you well taken care of.

After you finish working with us, one of the Top Pizza Places in Satellite Beach, you can always expect to feel a little lighter. We are a caring company that treats each other like a family. We are pleased to bring you into that family and show you the great service that we can give you. Whenever you come in, you will always be greeted with a smile and be treated with dignity. If you are a regular customer, we look forward to greeting you by name. And this amazing service is not just available when you come into our store; we will always treat you the same even if you are ordering a delivery or a catering order. We just love making sure that you feel valued and important, for you are to us.

When you come by, you will easily see why we are considered on of the Top Pizza Places in Satellite Beach. We have an amazing pizza that is loved by people all throughout the area. In fact, you can take a look at some of our testimonials to see how much people love our food. We always make sure that they cheese is perfectly melted and that the marinara is warm. If you are feeling like you’d rather have a Stromboli or calzone, we have those options available for you, too! We also have a nice variety of drinks that you can choose from to pair with your meal or to help take the edge off of a rough day.

When you come in to see us, you can rest assured that you will always give you the best service. We also are going to offer you some free brownies on Friday, so be sure to come in on Friday! We also love free to take a look at our new Legalized Marinara shirt. We are very proud of it, and we are sure that you will enjoy it, too. So all your friends to see you wearing it.

We would love to see you at Pappagallo’s! Come see us at 1769 Florida A1A and Satellite Beach, Florida. You can also order ahead or for delivery by calling 321-773-7272 or by visiting our website, Whether you want to delivery, take-out, or catering, we have got options for you. If you order catering, you can just watch for our beloved “Pie Wagon” with the red parrot in a gondola shirt on the side. We would love to treat you to the amazing service so you can see the difference that can be made by our business. Come on in and give us shot.

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It’s been a very long week. The kids are crying; your husband is to be from word; and your grumpy from doing the laundry. Maybe it’s time to consider going out instead of taking the time to fix it yourself. After all, you guys need a break. Therefore, you should look into the Top Pizza Places in Satellite Beach. In fact, take a look at Pappagallo’s pizzeria. We are very excited to see you and help make that day less stressful.

When you come in to see us at Pappagallo’s, we will agree to with open arms. We are considered one of the Top Pizza Places in Satellite Beach because of our amazing customer service, after all. You will always get a smile when you come in and, if you are a customer, you will be greeted by name. It is sure to be an amazing experience with our loving staff who cares very much about you and your family you have a good meal and a good time together as a family. Feel free to look out are oceanview and see the glorious ocean as it laps at the beach below. Spell the salt and hear the waves. Let your worries go far away.

Our pizza at Pappagallo’s is amazing. It is no wonder we are considered one of the Top Pizza Places in Satellite Beach, if we do say are so ourselves. Our pizza is always made with the finest ingredients, fresh for you. You will be able to see the chefs working on your meal as you wait for it, washing the dough being tossed and seeing the pizza come out fresh from the oven. The cheese will be perfectly melted, and the marinara sauce will be nice and warm. You also can watch your drinks being mixed right in front of you. No matter what sort of things you’re looking for what sort of drink, we are to have a vicious option for please your tastebuds in your stomach.

We have some pretty amazing catering services here at Pappagallo’s. With large portions available at affordable prices, you are sure to be able to feed even your most hungry guests. Whether you are looking for help with an event such as a wedding, a family reunion, or an office party, we have got what you need. Just let our experienced staff come to serve you and our “Pie Wagon” with the red parrot the gondola on the side. And know that, even though you are not eating in the restaurant, you will still receive the same amount of care and earn as you would if you were there on the beachfront. Our catering staff love to serve you and to continue giving you smiles that we give anyone else.

If you’re ready to take a load off and get that pizza instead of trying to make it for yourself, then just give us a call at number website. Come on in to our location at 1769 Florida A1A in Satellite Beach, Florida. We look forward to seeing you and helping your week be as relaxing and amazing as possible. If you come in on Friday, you can get a free brownie, which is definitely a great way to deal with some of that stress. See you soon!