In 1981, Dave Rich decided that he wanted to make a restaurant I was family-owned and -operated with high-quality Italian-American food in a restaurant that had an ambiance as relaxing as a Chinese dojo. A place like that surely become one of the Top Pizza Places in Satellite Beach. So, with an ounce of willpower and a pound of passion, Rich then about to make this dream a reality.

Today, nearly 40 years later, his dream has been achieved! Just overlooking the Atlantic Ocean, you can find Pappagallo’s, which has, indeed, become one of the Top Pizza Places in Satellite Beach. Customers adore the place with its amazing pizza and its glorious view of the Atlantic Ocean. Just imagine eating the melted cheese and warm tomato sauce while you’re smelling the salty air and hearing the lapping of the waves at the beach below. What an experience! This, of course, is just the sort of experience that you will get if you pop into Pappagallo’s.

Pappagallo is committed to remaining one of the Top Pizza Places in Satellite Beach. How? By ensuring that the food remains top-quality while still at an affordable price and by serving the public with the staff that is friendly and kind, with hearts as warm as their pizza. Top-notch quality and care are put into each meal as it’s been paired, and you can see it being prepared there in front of you by the expert chefs. Watch the dough get tossed; watch the fire roar! It’s all completely safe and completely entertaining.

As a long day? Are you not in the mood for a lot of noise? That’s all right! Pappagallo’s delivers! serving the entire Satellite Beach area, you can be sure that you will receive expert service. Of course, you might not need a night again. I just need to take the edge off of the day. No worries! Pappagallo’s serves as a host of different drinks. From wind beer to liquor, you are sure to be able to find a drink that tickles your taste buds. Want breakfast or lunch, not just dinner? That’s cool! Pappagallo’s serves all three meals! need to cater to the big events, such as a wedding, an office party, a birthday bash, or a family reunion? Pappagallo’s can meet your needs! With large portions at affordable prices, Pappagallo’s is a great option for catering. Just look for the “Pie Wagon” headed your way, emblazoned with the red parrot in the gondola shirt.

Want to visit our location? Come to 1769 Florida A1A on the shorefront. Want to order ahead? Just call 321-773-7272 or order online at You can also go to the website just to see more of the story of how Pappagallo’s came to be and learn about their core values. Also feel free to check out Pappagallo’s Facebook page, Pappagallos Beachside. Go ahead and put in your order! The gondola parrot is on its way!

Top Pizza Places In Satellite Beach | Not Pizza Hut Again…

Look! Driving down the road! Is it a weather van? Is it the Mystery Machine? No, it’s the gondola parrot smiling from the “Pie Wagon” as it delivers delicious food from one of the Top Pizza Places in Satellite Beach. Everyone can see it as it passes by, and they cannot help but smile. The American–Italian food touted by the logo on the van is as good as it makes it seem. Want delicious food? Want pizza that is truly remarkable and unforgettable? Look no farther than Pappagallo’s.

As one of the Top Pizza Places in Satellite Beach, Pappagallo’s is proud to market themselves to the people of the Satellite Beach area. With an incredible view overlooking the seafront, Pappagallo’s is a destination of choice for anyone hungry for a good meal and a stunning view. The salty smell wafting from the ocean and the sound of the waves lapping at the beach is enough to make any sensitive person feel completely relaxed after even the hardest day. Of course, getting a drink from the extensive drink menu will help take the edge off as well. With wine, beer, and liquors galore, there is sure to be a drink that will suit your taste buds.

Keeping its place as one of the Top Pizza Places in Satellite Beach beach is no easy feat, but Pappagallo’s is more than up to the task. With delicious food that is affordable and available in large portions, people just can’t get enough! And, with the flexible catering options, it continues to be a favorite at events such as weddings, office parties, and birthday bashes! For nearly 40 years the pizza has stayed delicious, the crowd has stayed hungry, and the workers have stayed friendly.

One of the core tenets of the staff at Pappagallo’s is to keep a friendly outlook on life and always offer a smile to the customers. The staff is delightful and engaging, spinning the pizza dough and mixing the drinks right before your eyes. Of course, with such an extensive history, the employees know how to make the best out of any situation. In 1990, down. However, they got together and quickly got themselves to a new location. Thanks to their tenacity, their ability to rise from the ashes like a Phoenix, we still get the delicious pizza Pappagallo’s today.

Ready to make an order? Just had online to the website,, or call in at 321-773-7272. If you have any questions or just want to make a custom order, the staff will be more than ready to accommodate you. Come to the gorgeous location overlooking the Atlantic Ocean at 1769 Florida A1A. You’ll be glad you did. Come sit on the oceanfront with a delicious pizza of your choice, refreshing beverage, and the sound of the ocean reaching your ears. Not every restaurant can claim such a relaxing atmosphere. That is why Pappagallo’s remains a favorite with hundreds of customers across the city.