If you’re looking for the top pizza places in satellite Beach the nearest search is over. If you found your way to this website and you know that Papa gals among the highest rated and most reviewed pizza places in the area. We want you to experience why that is the case firsthand and to do that you should come in and grab a hot sub. One of the hot subs that we also make an addition to the aforementioned chicken and cheese and steak and cheese subs is the sweet dream sub. This is a hot seven and getting a hole in half sizes.

If you were in search of the top pizza places in satellite Beach then your surges over if you would come to papa, Gallos. Whenever you try that sweet dream, it’ll of course come with a typical homemade bread that every Papa subs does, but it also includes oven, baked turkey along with freshly sliced ham and provolone cheese. The best part about this, you don’t have to choose between turkey and ham, cause you get both. Your course cadet homemade a sub roll that has been butter with her garlic butter and then it is grilled cheese grilled like a grilled cheese sandwich. We service with the onions and tomatoes so you’ll love this option.

If you were on the lookout for the top pizza places in satellite Beach then your search is over once you have found papa Gallos. After your trailer, sweet dream, we recommend you try the Italian nightmare. This one includes three different meats, ham, salami, capicola, and of course, with provolone cheese. This also includes a homemade several in like the sweet dream, we grill it grilled cheese style and serve with onions and tomatoes. And then we have four other hot subs available, and each one of these are baked with provolone cheese and homemade marinara sauce. These go as follows, meatball, spicy Italian, sausage, eggplant and chicken Parmesan. Each of these four subs are melted with provolone cheese and include homemade marinara sauce.

Have you tried these options? There is still more, we are known for having a robust menu, and we prove that by having massive pages of options that you can choose from. The next item that you can look at is his papa’s grill. These are 8 ounce burgers that have a 9010 fat to meat ratio, and they always serve cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, onions, and on a grilled garlic bun.

Try all this and more, visit www.papagallos.com call 321-773-7272 today. Whenever you do that you are sure to speak with a friend, the customer service representative, who can answer any and all questions that you may have. If you are looking for a delivery, they can walk you through the delivery process or you can order online. If you’re looking to dine in and just have some questions, they would be happy to answer them. If you’re looking to cater events, they can also answer any questions you have in regard to catering events.

Top pizza places in satellite Beach | premium toppings

One of the top pizza places in satellite Beach is, and always will be papa Gallos. Whatever you choose papa Gallos you were getting so much more than just a pizza place. We focus on creating a great environment for all of our guest as well. Do you get Creek customer service and great energy in great music every time you visit PapaGallos? In addition to the pizza, we also have other options as well, so if you bring friends, I don’t like pizza. There’s something for them to try. That is what makes Popago, so great, we are one of the highest rated most read pizza restaurants in the area, but we have so much more than just pizza.

If you were searching for the top pizza places in satellite Beach then papaGallos will surely be at the top of that list. That is because we are among the highest rated in most. Reviewed pizza places in the area. We also recommend that you try Papa‘s grill so you can see what burgers and chicken sandwiches that we have available. We pride ourselves and have mini selections outside of a traditional pizza, and that is why we have Papa‘s grill. Every burger is 8 ounces and has a 90 to Tin ground beef fat ratio, and it comes with cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, onions, in or on top of a girl garlic bun. Your first thing that you need to do is choose your choice of cheese, we have many different selections that include American provolone, cheddar, and more. After that, you wouldn’t want to choose, what toppings would go with it, you can get an American burger, a pizza burger, which is pepperoni, marinara sauce, and mozzarella cheese, you can also get an onion, bacon burger, which, of course, including in the bacon. After that, we also have a mushroom provolone burger, which includes mushrooms in Provo and cheese. If you were craving something that’s not beef, we have a grilled chicken honey sandwich as well.

For the top pizza places in satellite Beach you need to only consider papa Gallos. Whenever you try that grilled chicken honey sandwich, you were going to get a grilled chicken breast with lettuce, tomatoes, onions, Brooklyn cheese, and of course, papa special mayo. This is a great alternative to the traditional burger, but it still allows you to get a sandwich with a lot of protein. We recommend this option if you are looking for grilled chicken and you will absolutely love this.

We have all that more whenever you visit papa Gallos Sabi, sure to go to the website and check out the menu that we have available. After you’ve tried all the sandwiches and all the hot subs, then you can move onto the hand tossed pizzas. We have four different sizes of pizzas for you to try, and you will love them all. We have the individual, this includes six slices, we have the medium, this includes eight slices, we have large. This includes 10 slices, and then we have the extra large if you really want a lot of pizza this is 12 slices of pizza.

Visit www.papagallos.com or call 321-773-7272 to see what options we have available to you. If you are looking for delivery, you can call or you can order online on the website. If you were looking for a catering event, we would be happy to take your call as well. If you’re looking to dine in, come visit us and we would love to get you seated.