Pappagallo’s Making changes to become more Eco-Friendly

By: Tricia Rich


At Pappagallo’s Satellite Beach 3217737272 we are making strides in changing the typical restaurant ways. Since we added the full liquor bar in January 2017 (Satellite Beach’s 1st ocean view liquor bar) we used to use paper drink napkins, and now we use coasters. No big deal right. Well there aren’t given to restaurants and bars for FREE anymore.

Instead of using plastic garnish holders (like the cool swords) for the drinks we use bamboo picks. That was an easy one cause it matches nicely with our beachy atmosphere.

This one people either love or hate… paper straws. This item really started the trend. An old (as in used to work for us) employee works for the city of Satellite Beach on the sustainability board. He asked Dave casually one day if he would change the straws from plastic to paper. Dave said yes and the next order he placed fit straws were for the paper ones. As I mentioned customers of Pappagallo’s Satellite Beach 3217737272 either hate them or wish we still had the plastic ones or love them so much they post on social media about it. Tell the server or Dave himself how excited they are about them. Who knew the type straws would create so much commotion.

By the way Dave loves that everyone talks about the simple thing as the paper straws. Even after all the hard work that goes into making the wonderful meal, the straw gets all the credit.

Then Dave went on to change the foam to go cup to paper as well. Although I haven’t heard how people feel about them I am sure it’s much like the straws. The funny part is as the staff unloads the new product delivery they weren’t sure we were supposed to get them so they sent out a message to Dave to double check. Now if we could find a good non plastic lid.

We also try our best not to order canned beers. Now sometimes the supplier or we make a mistake and we have can beers for a short time. Just like bottle water and plastic bags we know that through to trash/recycling process they could end up in our environment or even to Ocean.

Anyone that knows Dave has seen that he does not drink tap water. Since he lives at work he needed to do something to change the tap water or fountain water. So he had a filter system installed not only on the fountain drink machine but also on both ice machines. This is why we do not have/sell bottle water. We understand why people like bottle water but we also know what all those bottles do for our environment and beautiful Brevard beaches.

Have you ever ordered a cold sub from Pappagallo’s Satellite Beach 3217737272? Our procedure is to put the cold subs in paper sub bags. Now with that being said we do have people that like to get their cold sub in a foam container, which we do for them. If you order a hot sub it does come in the foam container as the steamy goodness would not work well in the paper bad. We also use paper and plastic bags to put a whole order in. If you prefer paper over plastic please tell the person that is serving you and they will gladly make the change.

During our last remodel we added the option of air hand dryers in the bathrooms. Although we couldn’t eliminate paper towels completely it has cut down on how much we use.

This is something little but we feel like it too has helped make a change. We used to get FREE check presenters. You may know them as the book that the check comes in and it may say “American Express” (which we do not take) or “Thank you” on them. They are nice plastic books that most restaurants use, but they don’t last long. We found that we needed to buy those more often and decided to come up with a new way to present checks to our customers. I presented the idea to the crafty ladies in my family and my niece came up with a great idea. She searched the web and found an image to share. From there the juices were flowing and even changing right up to the point of putting a sticker onto the wood to make our logo. Next time your stop by the restaurant for a meal or tasty beverage you will see a piece of wood with our logo or Grazie (Thank you in Italian) on it. Just another little way to keep plastic out of our environment.

Technology has lent a hand with cutting back on the printed material used on the day to day basis. We used to print thousands of paper menus and flyers per month. Now by offering Online Ordering at and maintaining current menu on our website daily specials are broadcast over several social media platforms. The result is instant and has no damaging effect on the environment. It doesn’t fill your waste paper basket with useless advertising material.

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These are some of the changes we have made to try to improve the footprint we leave behind for our future generations. We realised long ago that big steps are nice but its many small steps that seem to make the lasting difference. So as products become available to help us operate cleaner and safer we will take necessary steps, (including taking a few pennies out of our own pocket) to cover the cost of these improvements. It’s just the right thing to do, we never be a fortune 500 business using this philosophy but we will be able to sleep better at night knowing that we did our best to protect the environment.

As Pappagallo’s Satellite Beach 3217737272 tries to replace more items with better eco-friendly ones, please keep in mind that most places won’t do this because it cost the restaurant more money. The eco-friendly items are an expensive alternative; however we love our beach’s here in Brevard so we will do our best to help keep Brevard Beautiful.