If you were looking for the top pizza places near me then you must consider Papa Gallo’s. A choice for Papa Gallo’s the choice for excellent service, but also excellent pizza. As proof of this, we recommend that you visit our menu to see what options we have available for you. We guarantee that you will be impressed. Whether you were hosting a party, or hosting a small group of friends, we surely have what you need to have an amazing time. We offer things outside of just a typical pizza, so no matter who you bring with you, we will have something for each individual person.

A search for the top pizza places near me will inevitably lead you to papa Gallo’s pizza. We have an amazing menu and we are ready to get you what you need. View our menu, so you can get an idea of what you might order whenever you visit us. We have some amazing appetizers that we are ready for you to try. We guarantee that you will love each and every appetizer, so you can plan on multiple trips and you can try each and every single appetizer. The options are limitless, so it will be tough to get all these options and just one trip.

If you want to find the top pizza places near me then you absolutely have to go to Papa Gallo’s. We recommend that you check out the appetizers on the menu and you’ll be impressed. The first appetizer you’ll see on the menu is cheesy bread. We make homemade bread, and then we ultimately will brush it with some garlic butter. At the end of the day we will also tap garlic butter with some savory mozzarella cheese, and will always include a side of marinara sauce that is homemade for your dipping pleasure.

Have you tried the cheesy bread that you can get a drink at her full liquor bar to watch that cheesy bread down. That is why Papa gals is so great, we have a variety of different items for each and every appetite. If you’re looking for something like, you can stick with the cheesy bread, if you’re looking for something heavier than we can get you a full pizza. Either way we will have whatever you need, so we can accommodate whatever your appetite ultimately is. We recommend visiting us in person, so you get the full papa Gallos experience supposed to do the delivery option, but we want to keep that available for you.

Visit www.papagallos.com or call 321-773-7272 to see what we have available. You can also order online on our website, or you can visit us in person at 1769 Highway A1a in Satellite Beach Florida. Again, we keep the delivery option over for your convenience, but if you want to get the full pub girls experience, we highly recommend visiting us in person. You are always greeted by a Friendly wait staff, ready to assist you and answer any and all questions you have.

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If you find yourself, searching for the top pizza places near me then Papa Gallo’s should be an easy choice for you. Not only will you find us rather quickly because of how many reviews we have, but you will also hear us through word of mouth. The secret about papa Gallos‘s out and we have some amazing appetizers to get you started off on the right foot. If you’ve already tried the cheesy bread, we recommend trying the classic chicken tenders with fries. There’s not much to this, except for Tender, love and care, no pun intended.

If you are looking for the top pizza places near me then Papa Gallo’s is the only option that you need to consider. With Papa Gallo’s you will get the best and highest quality pizza, but you also get the best customer service that you’re going to find anywhere. We also have a variety of different options, so no matter what you were looking for, you were sure to find something that would satiate any appetite. If you’ve already tried the cheesy bread and chicken dinners, then you need to absolutely visit again to try the homemade fried cheese. This is typically gonna be Monterey Jack cheese that has been wrapped and dipped in breadcrumbs, which happen to be homemade. Just like our cheesy bread, we include a side of marinara sauce, which is homemade for dipping.

If you are continuing your search for the top pizza places near me then Papa Gala should be at the top of that list. We have more than just homemade fried cheese, we have different types of fried cheese. Two other options of fried cheese that we have available is the Florentine fried cheese and the habanero fried cheese. With the Florentine fried cheese, you’ll get that typical marinara, dipping sauce, but we will use a blend of ricotta, Parmesan, and mozzarella cheese along with some spinach. With the habanero fried cheese, it is a spicy bun of cheeses that also includes a bacon, hand, wrapped and dipped breadcrumbs. So we have three different types of fried cheese for you.

If you want to avoid the cheese, then feel free to grab a basket of fries that we have available in an appetizer section as well. These come in large and small sizes and we also have bacon cheese fries if you do not want to avoid the cheese, but you want something with a little crunch. The french fries are covered in a special cheese sauce, and we always use just the right amount of bacon.

Visit www.papagallos.com or call 321-773-7272 if you are looking to order. You have a couple different options whenever you call. You can order online, you can pick up in person or you can visit us and dine in. We also cater and have a full liquor bar, so if you’re looking to host a party, you should consider Papa Gallo’s to host this party. We also have a new Oceanview patio, so you can check out what the restaurants like before you even have to visit. Again, we have a ton of different appetizers and we know that you enjoy each and every single one of them, so if you already tried some, come and visit us again, and try all of them.