Struggling to find some good Satellite Beach Pizza? then welcome to PappaGallos! With our mouth-watering deals, cheesy events, and homey recipes, It’s easy to get stuck in the sauce here. Puns Aside, we would love to help you today in your pizza journey. With a towering knowledge of all things Italian, we know the need for great food at the best and worst of times. With us offering catering and delivery, special events, testimonials right where you can see them, and a Vast food and drink menu, it’s hard to go wrong with PappaGallos.

But what if I need Satellite Beach Pizza at home? With our delivery and Catering options we make it easy. Knowing the struggle we include homemade garlic rolls, plates, utensils, plus a salad of your choice with each and every catering order. as well as being able to customize your order menu, we have a very flexible schedule that can fit to whatever time you need your Italian love. As well as having an always fresh guarantee, we make sure that you never go hungry. Our large portions are a perfect fit for groups that like to leave full. Don’t worry, you still get delivery with style. When you see our Pappagallo branded pie wagon rolling down your block, The mouth watering will begin.

But is it the best Satellite Beach Pizza? You tell us! not including the testimonials on our website or even the reviews, we like to make sure this extensive menu of both food and drinks is perfect for everybody at the table. Knowing you need a menu big enough for even the kid who decides they don’t like pizza today, the teenager who is “ not hungry”, or even the Mother-in-law you had to bring on vacation who just wants a Margarita, we have something for everyone, Even something for the drop ends who show up to vacation last minute to surprise you.

Even our events scream family, with the monster challenge for the manliest of men, or even the smallest of women, this 12 lb pizza is truly a Goliath. If you can eat the 16 in x 20 in “monster gallo” Pizza, you not only get it free but you will also have your photo framed to forever be celebrated inside the walls of PappaGallos. Knowing even a monster challenge isn’t enough, we also host local events such as The golf cart Christmas parade gym night and other fun events for high energy individuals throughout the year.

If this sounds like the best experience for you drop or call 321-773-7272, or even visit our website at Here at PappaGallos We pride ourselves in being a family experience and not just a restaurant, so Become part of our Italian family today by eating some delicious fresh made desserts, Relaxing Oceanside with a frozen cocktail in hand, will even trying to eat on our king size “monster gallo” pizza. We hope to see you soon, to make this dream experience come true.

Satellite Beach Pizza | Pizza For Every Occasion

Need some Satellite Beach Pizza? You found us. Here at PappaGallos, our made to order dining experience Is truly for everyone. We have big portions for a low price, plus we’re just cool that way. With this family restaurant you can’t go wrong, we’re here to “ save some dough” for you with ongoing daily specials. watch our pizza guy spin some dough, watch the bartender create some frozen cocktails for you, and relax on the Ocean View patio to enjoy a meal with a view. So if you want a Cheesy family experience, drop on by PappaGallos to be a part of the family.

If you want the best Satellite Beach Pizza, come on down to PappaGallos, where our events are for everyone. By hosting Local events such as Golf cart Christmas parade, Jeep night, or other high energy fun events throughout the year, we are able to donate to local schools and Youth Sports Teams. But if local events aren’t enough for you, head on down to PappaGallos to try our monster challenge. With this Monumental Pizza weighing at a hefty 12 lb, bigger than even my cat, We challenged those who are up to the test. This 16 in x 12-in “ Monster Gallo” Pizza, cannot only be free for you by finishing it, but can put your photo framed, available to be forever celebrated by us at PappaGallos.

But what if I need Satellite Beach Pizza where I am? With our delivery and catering services, we make a time that’s fit for you, to drop off everything you need. by including garlic rolls, plates, silverware, and smiles, we make sure that all you have to do is eat. With every guest it’s a unique experience, and we know that here. This is why we custom make every order, so that you have that freshness guaranteed. Ordering from here will make you the Rockstar hero in the office when it is your time to pick lunch, or the superhero of your household when that surprise birthday party pops up.

Don’t worry, we’re even prepared for if someone says they don’t want pizza, yes we know how unbelievable it is, but we’re still ready with Menu items for everyone, this includes the little one who decides that they just want chicken tenders, or the teenager who says they’re “not hungry” with our list of appetizers, Or even your mother-in-law who dropped in on vacation just to get that Sangria that she’ll have one or three of. With options for everyone, we make sure that we can make everyone happy with these family recipes for every occasion. In the true Italian way, we will be here for every win and defeat, To feed every event you need.

To contact us today please call 321-773-7272 or visit our website at If you need a laid-back family atmosphere with some Italian American food you won’t be let down now, that’s a promise. So drop in with us and become part of our family today.