How do you know when you found a good pizza? I mean a really good pizza. Not just one that has okay cheese that’s only partially melted, watery sauce, and across that’s just not cutting it. I mean a mouthwatering dish of tasty goodness with perfectly melted cheese, warm tomato paste, a crust that is the perfect ratio between crunchy and soft, and fresh toppings. That’s when you know. That’s when you know. If you’re looking for truly good Satellite Beach Pizza, then you are looking for Pappagallo’s.

Pappagallo has been serving happy customers with some good Satellite Beach Pizza for nearly 40 years. Family-owned and -operated, it is a place that people can come to enjoy great pizza from the staff that is both friendly, hard-working, and delightful to be around. Come into the restaurant, and you will see smiling chefs toss fluffy pizza dough and craft expert drinks. You always get a friendly greeting when you come in and a smile. Not to mention that the atmosphere is super. With a gorgeous view of the waterfront, you can sit with your meal and here the water lapping at the shore below smell the salt wafting toward your nose. There’s not a better way to what your appetite than to see, hear, and smell the sea. Unless, of course, you want to go swimming beforehand. Which, since the restaurant is right near the ocean, that is a perfectly viable option.

If you’ve had a bad day and are just looking for a nice meal with some Satellite Beach Pizza, Pappagallo’s a step in the place for you. Not only is the view glorious, especially when the sun is rising, but you also just and relax in this pleasant atmosphere, where the customers are happy and the staff is even more so. But if that isn’t enough to take the edge off, you can always order a drink from the long list of options, including winds, beers, and liquors. With such an extensive list, you are sure to find something that will please your taste buds.

Of course, you might be looking for some amazing food to cater for your wedding, your birthday, your office party, or even your family reunion. In the case, don’t worry! Pappagallo’s caters, and it works with your schedule. You can get large portions for an affordable price, making sure that everybody on your address list will have enough to eat. Just look for the “Pie Wagon” rumbling down the street with the red parrot in the gondola shirt emblazoned on the side.

Do I need to order? Ready to taste the best pizza you’ve ever had? Go ahead and come visit us at 1769 Florida A1A to experience our incredible view and atmosphere. Order in the store or order had on our website,, or over the phone, 321-773-7272. You can also visit our Facebook page, Pappagallos Beachside. Get ready for the meal of your life! You will not be disappointed.

Satellite Beach Pizza | Friendly Service At An Affordable Cost.

Have you ever made a call to a restaurant to order in, only to be greeted by a cranky, underpaid, overwhelmed employee who doesn’t sound like they want to be there? I know I have. It’s never a pleasant experience. They can turn what was a good day into a bad day. It is not what we want when you are looking for Satellite Beach Pizza that’s why you should order from Pappagallo’s.

Pappagallo’s, the premier location for Satellite Beach Pizza, boasts a stellar crew of the friendly chefs and drivers who are all ready to serve you with excellence and a smile. You’ll never get that grumpy treatment from a worker at Pappagallo’s because it is in their creed to make sure every customer is treated well. And this extends the quality of the pieces well. It’s so important to make sure that the product itself is good; otherwise, all of that friendly treatment will go to waste. Thankfully, that will never be a problem at Pappagallo’s. The pizza is finely crafted in store, we can see the chefs spin the window right before your eyes.

Looking for an atmosphere to help take the edge off of the already-not-so-good day? Pappagallo’s Satellite Beach Pizza is the place for you. Overlooking the beautiful waterfront of the Atlantic Ocean, you can sense with your delicious meal and smell the salt wafting up a new direction from below you and hear the waves lapping gently at the beach. Can’t get much more relaxing than that. Unless, of course, you add a nice drink to it. With the extensive drink list that includes beers, wines, and liquors, you can be sure that you’ll find a drink that’ll match your taste. Furthermore, the friendly staff that knows how to stay strong and tenacious in the face of hardship will certainly be able to serve you as you see fit. As Pappagallo’s was able to rise from the literal ashes of their burnt-down location back in 1990 and stay happy and committed to excellence, so they can stay committed to excellence today, especially when business is going so well.

Need to cater to a large group? Have a wedding to plan, a party to set up, or a family reunion to provide for? Say no more! Pappagallo’s caters! They will work with your schedule so that you can get it delivered when you need it. With large portion platters offered at affordable prices, you won’t have to worry about even your hungriest gas not getting enough to eat. Just look for the colorful “Pie Wagon” that is headed your way, emblazoned with the red parrot in the gondola shirt.

Ready to order? Just can’t wait to get a taste of that delicious pizza? No worries! You can order online at or by calling 321-773-7272. Of course, you could always just come straight to the store and watch the make your pizza in front of you. Just come to 1769 Florida A1A. Don’t get to like our Facebook page, Pappagallos Beachside. We look forward to serving you!